Asteros Anon looking for pilots

Asteros Anonomous is a laid back PvP corp looking for pilots to fill our ranks.
We are based in Domain LS and we offer the following

  • Laid back adult atmosphere
  • PvP fleets (No Mandatory fleets/CTA)
  • Access to PvE options in LS and NS
  • Comms and discord (ts3 mandatory for fleets)
  • Experienced leadership to help with questions, fits and general eve
  • Moon goo

We are looking for:

  • PvP’ers or the willingness to participate occasionally
  • Miners to pick our moons clean

Now Offering a HS option for those wanting to stay out of PvP

If you have questions shoot me a mail or drop in our in-game chat
Alliance Killboard

bumpity bump

Bump still looking for pilots to swell our ranks.

bros, bring out your bros

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