Ability to group all modules

Currently we can group weapons only.
Why not expand this for us to be able to group anything that can be activated?

I realize certain modules people would prefer to leave separated or at the very least group them only in special occasions.
That’s not really an argument against it being added since it’s always up to the user as to how he wants them setup.

For example if you have a Huginn with double webs you often want to apply them to the same ship. Having the ability to have them grouped would simplify activation and overheating.

I realize the nature of the modules (stacking effects) seems to make this difficult but is that really the case?
The group can simply be treated as two mods being activated by the same button/shortcut while they still operate separately so nothing changes for the server and it’s just a UI feature to give us ability to group stuff if we wish to.

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