Group EWAR modules together

I don’t know why this isn’t implemented, but I would like to group EWAR modules like you can group weapons.

So energy NOS/Neuts, webs, points, painters, ECM etc. No existing stats would be changed, it would work exactly like grouping weapons.

Maybe there are situations where you want them grouped, but usually you want to stagger the NOS/Neuts, try to apply damps on different people, overheat modules one by one instead of all, etc.

Unlike guns, I don’t see a reason to group EWAR modules.

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No thanks. Generally I would not want to target all my neuts or all my ECM or whatever on the same target.

Tracking computers on the other hand.

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I suspect it’s because of the stacking penalties. One of the things that grouping weapons does is has all of the weapons essentially work as a single weapon that fires X times. Waaaaaaay back when that was introduced it was actually partly for server performance reasons, not just user convenience. You can’t do that with ECM or other utility modules though because they have stacking penalties.

It’s likely still possible to add it, but it wouldn’t be just adding an extra “if else” to a UI check, there would be some actual work, and speaking from personal experience I don’t think many people would use it. Most of the time you don’t want to put all of your EWAR on a single target.


That is a very good point.

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