About Buy Orders

So I am having a little trouble with the buy orders. I have noticed there are some players out there that need something I have but whenever I try to give them an amount, the only options I have is to place a buy order or to show the item info. Is there a way I can fulfill a person’s Buy Order?

You have to Repackage the item before you can sell it (either as a listed sell order, or directly to an open buy order).

I cant repackage anything unless it’s a ship. And whenever I am at the buy order on the market window, I only get the options I mentioned above.

Can you provide a screenshot?


It says “Sell This Item” right there.
Select that option, and you will be given the opportunity to sell your item to a buy order (it’ll default to the highest paying buy order).

If you want to sell directly to the buy order, make sure your Duration in the sell window is set to “Immediate”. Anything else will instead cause you to list a sell order.

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Oh alright. I thought that option was just for a standard sell. Meaning to the game and not the players. Thanks for the help.

To sell to a (packaged) item, you need to be in a station (or structure with a market. Simply right click and select sell this item.
You can choose sell immediate to sell to the highest buy order within range (will be green in the market tool) or you can place a sell order at a price of your choosing.

Selling to a buy order is immediate - but you will usually get much less than the fair value of the item. With a sell order you need to wait until someone buys the item and you have the lowest price.

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