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I wanna know when the Easter event starting :thinking:

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@ CCP Paragon and this forum dead? Where could I leave feedback about event and be sure it would be read? Forum? Reddit? Bugreports? Official discord with CCP Fozzie ping? CCP Fozzie DM`s in discord?

Also. Imho Bossters drop rate broken in this event. look at jita market.

Я попробовал подабывать опыт в безднах.10 просранных кораблей и немного лута.

Если проходить миссии это претти изи, то бездны это жопопогорелка.

Я играю за дроновода, вылетает корабль, который сносит моих дронов в течении 5 секунд, я даже не успеваю нажать на конопку чтоб их забрать. Так он сносит мне их всех, дроновод остается с тремя бластерами и медленно умирает.

В другой раз вылетел корабль дпс т2 фригата было достаточно чтоб снимать ему немного щита, коотрый регенился быстрее дпс.В третий настолко скоростные фригаты что по ним не могли поппасть даже маленькие дроны.

И так практически все 10 попыток.

Тупо вылетает имба и тебя убивает.

Наверное я брошу игру раз так.Когда то эта игра была умной и сбалансированной, а сейчас дичь - ноу браин, ноу баланс. Пожалел потраченных на омегу денег. Деньги небольшие но за них я получил только подгорающую жопу.

just a feedback regarding the capsuleer day event - it is really unfair to poorer players, since everyone are doing them, and if you do not have a T2/T3 battlecruiser, you have no chance to kill even a single NPC for reward. I was looking for sites yesterday and today for hours with a T1 Naga, but could not find any sites without a player already inside of it (and I tried early in the morning so not in peak time) with a T2/T3 ship, and they “stole” all the kills.
The expedition part is OK(ish) - you still have to do it in not a peak time of course - but if you have rather combat skills, then the event sucks.

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As we are unable to create a subject. I’ll offer my feedback right here.

  • Exploration

Exploration is great overall. However, it is lacking some PvE material pertaining to the narrative as you begin with AIR Corporation for your explorer character.
In this case in particular, the rewards of exploration are frequently not worthwhile in the absence of an occasion. Unless you try to survive in Stain, which is kind of impossible, or maybe if you are popular with the locals, or if you have a nullifier, which isn’t available to everyone. That brings me to my second point.

  • Game design : Reward system

Your ISK multiplier in Eve is, or at least was, the risk factor.
But it’s not at the moment. It can provide you between 30 and 50 million even if you use AEGIS escalation while asking 6B Isk of investment if you want to do the Forge Citadel with marauders (which are needed). Except for Sanshas sites, data and Relics Site Level 4 may typically provide you with about the same amount.

It offers absolutely no benefit. For instance, if you take too long or miss a can at the Ghost Site, you explode; the same is true in the Sleepers Cache. If you scan and take the proper can, you can typically get 30 or 50 millions from those, which are really uncommon.
Without mentioning battleships and uppers, the majority of Tech 2 or Tech III ships are incredibly expensive, and you can’t access those until you’ve plowed this activity for 10 hours at the minimum.

Gas mining in Low Sec or in a wormhole is the ideal game activity for increasing your income because you can make about 100 M/hour (when there is gas), the risk is lower, and it’s easier to make money given the risk but perfectly boring.

As a result, people decided to purchase plex to get their most expensive ships. Therefore, the game is somewhat P2W when viewed from the perspective of a solo player.
The majority of the content can be accessed fairly fast with the purchase of plex and injectors, and you have one of the most expensive membership plans of any MMO on the market. As a result, if they can’t afford it, it makes new gamers wait for years. Which is a terrible idea if you want them to continue playing and occasionally purchase plex.

  • Restraint activities for players 5 years old

Some activities, as I’ve already mentioned, are inaccessible to new users. You cannot, for instance, start the game as an industrialist and profit from the market. Except for a very small number of things in a short amount of time, the cost of production (even with all talents at V) is higher than the benefits you may obtain from selling.

EvE requires players to invest time and money in order to accomplish their objectives.
For the majority of new players, however, the benefit certainly does not outweigh the cost. EvE is a game that is mostly played and is still being played by large alliances and corporations with many players, and if you don’t want to be a slave or “worker,” it can become very hard to play without receiving the fair compensation for your struggle.

Additionally, there have been numerous technical problems for years that haven’t been resolved; simply check the box to open the log windows when you start the game.

  • PvP

It’s okay (unless most of the players are leaving the game or integrate big alliances to earn some money… Oops)

Additionally, refrain from using marketing jargon when announcing that you’ll integrate new light sources on ships:

  • Bastion lights and animations
  • New lighting sources
  • New Volumetric fog

No one is blind, but it’s disappointing to see the substance hidden beneath the shoddy marketing. That isn’t really a “extension,” more like a quick update.

Mhhh and stop using yandex tracker ! You’re supposed to be a Swedish company not a Russian one.

That’s all for me. Fly Safe 07


daily crimson harvest skins dont appear after redeeming to station. Am I missing something?

I had an idea. Is there currently a sphere around ships in space while getting damaged by enemies? I thought that if the ship still have some shield while taking damage. This should show just like in the movie independance day in the secret lab with the alien ship.