About those arenas people wanted

i havent seen anything that limits the number of people you can get into any 1 site, just something on restriction to classes.

I give it not even a week before a group finds out how to game it and get multiple people into 1 site and set dominance, like how in abyssals people were suicide empty caracals for 1 good spawn to make it all worth it.

I have a fresh “battle bucket” and I sure as hell want to get my money’s worth out of it. Let’s do this. Final destination.

That’s kinda a major reason why these things only last 3 or 10 days.

The only way these have a chance of working is if they are constantly changing rulesets and ending/restarting. We have a clear example of the lack of interest and stale meta of the current permanent arenas already in the game. At least CCP is trying something different to stoke some interest.

I’m still not optimistic this will work long term, but at least this has a shot where a permanent arena with a constant rule set would be dead in weeks.

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That does nothing because we know in advance the makeup we can discover the meta before the event even starts.

Oh, I agree. The try-hards will theorycraft and dominate these things even in such a short time. But at least CCP is regularly pressing the reset button and trying to keep things fresh and not stagnant even if it will ultimately fail.

I really don’t see how these can work under these rule sets, but perhaps CCP will learn something at least, and the effect on the greater sandbox will be limited because they are so short. But I am pretty confident these will not be a thing this time next year - I hope they evolve so CCP isn’t wasting their time and can use them as part of something else, but this is going to be Resource Wars 2.0 as currently described.

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This is a flat out lie.

You MAY run into a couple of people doing this.
But the vast majority of players will just be regular players with T2 mods and maybe a cheap faction hardener.

This is the kind of garbage that people who don’t PvP spew. They’re always afraid of some ultra pimped out AT-ship tier pilot rocking a 50b set up and conveniently forget that there’s maybe 3 people in the entire game who would fit that profile.

But no, EVERY fight they get into is gonna be against this maxed implanted, perfect abyssal rolled elite god of a player who is cloning himself to constantly hunt after every player who tries to pvp.

How can it be a lie? It hasn’t happened yet.


Three people? lol

I can name half to a full dozen just out of my circle of friends who would do it. And I’m only one person, and don’t know the grand majority of the players in the game.

In every arena-based game I’ve ever played, high-end, min-maxing players dominated everything. And I’ve played a lot of those games. At least in other games, matchmaking takes care of some of the issues. Take WoW arenas for example, in which rating ensures that you will generally fight players of the same skill. But in EVE, you’re not limited to a single main character for progress, because good gear isn’t soulbound, and doesn’t come from the arenas themselves anyway. So EVE if CCP does implement matchmaking (and they won’t), it will be trivial to bypass just by using different characters. The end result is that a bunch of no-lifers like me are going to dominate the entire thing, and the tears will be enormous.

I think arenas are a terrible idea, but I’m still going to take part in them, and enjoy every second of it.


InB4 “Stalemate Stabbers” doctrine :stuck_out_tongue:


Also “Debbie Damper” Celestis’

and more fun in the ‘Clear out the Bling’ campaign!

Social circles are a thing.
You might be surrounded by people willing to do it.

It is generally unreasonable to assume that ones own social circles …
… are just like everyone elses social circles.

Sure, but it’s not like I’m the only armchair hardman PvP badass out there. Odds are in my favor claiming that there are many others like that out there, than claiming that the entire competitive PvP community in EVE knows the same 12 people who are going to game the arena and cream everyone else trying to take part in it.

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Thats two weeks in.

There seems to be some kind of matchmaking in effect on sisi. After you have fought the same folk a few times it won’t let you fight them again. Either that or it’s bugged.

Bollocks. You have no way of knowing.

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Excuse me, good Sir, but you may wish to reconsider your wording …
… especially because you are definitely a part of this. :smiley:

Now, call me a stuffy old traditionalist…

But a REAL arena wouldnt just limit ships but fits and boosters too.

In fact it would be reduced to skill on skill as much as possible


Battles are won in the ship fitting window. If you give two identical Thoraxes to two pilots, and those pilots also have the same skills, the battle comes down to whoever has better RNG rolls for damage. There’s no special flying or maneuvering either pilot can do to gain the edge in a dueling environment.

That’s why this is so dumb; no one can win because of their personal skill (which is actually possible in EVE’s normal environment due to its asymmetry). Either you have skills trained up higher than your opponent, or you’re using more expensive gear, or the fight doesn’t even matter because it’s RNG. Or CCP creates no restrictions on ship matchups, and the hard counter always wins (which is how the AT matches were).


I would counter that with hull choice being a key decisions, except that, err, that is the one thing CCP doesn’t leave open.

Aw you read the answers.

Arenas are a dumb idea as the combat system is too limited.

If thats not what you are saying, then Im not sure what it is.

Maybe I misunderstood something?

I meant that “skill” isn’t likely going to be a consideration in arenas because of how uniform everything will be. In the normal EVE environment, skill is a factor even if SP and gear are the same, because a pilot can use the environment, timers, aggression mechanics, etc. to manage the flow of a battle. In an arena, none of those are factors. It’s just going to be two Thoraxes, distance 5km, match start in 3…2…1…go! If SP and gear are the same, then it victory comes down to RNG.