About wardeckers in High Sec and solution

(Celeste Dixie) #333

I’d agree with a limit on corp offices (1? 3?). Also, I’d say such corps can’t be in alliances at all. And perhaps such corps can switch to being a ‘normal’ corp, but cannot switch back - or at least can’t switch back with any pending/current wardec.

(Faylee Freir) #334

Even then, We don’t wardec everything we see come into Jita. Mostly if we see you in a freighter or pimped out mission ship.

(Teckos Pech) #335

In other words, go do your stuff in a noob ship and you’ll be fine. If you have to move stuff consider alternatives like and OOC alt or character designated specifically to move stuff. People do have 3 slots on their accounts, have everyone use one slot for this and that way you can have a number of OOC alts to do your hauling and protect you from war decs.

And for God’s sake stop taking the pimped out mission fits to places where you’ll get decced or ganked.

Seriously here is what I am hearing:

Player 1: I don’t want to be war decced.
Player 2: Well are you keeping your haulers and pimped out mission ships out of trade hubs?
Player 1: No.
Player 2: You do know that will greatly increase your chances of getting decced…right?
Player 1: I shouldn’t have my game infringed upon in such a manner!
Player 2: Well, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself in this game, right?
Player 1: That is utterly outrageous.

Take steps to avoid being decced and guess what…you won’t be decced. Yes, it sucks having to stop the training of your main to train up an alt, but that is an option.

(Celeste Dixie) #336

Not the case - 4 members rejoined the corp after the move (we were careful to do all moving while in NPC corps). The 4 members rejoined the corp - two never undocked, one stayed in-system with no one else in local. The fourth took a tanked skiff (tech 2 mods, nothing shiny) two systems over to an ice belt. Neutral shuttle alt flew in and wardec’d every corporation that had someone in the belt.

(Faylee Freir) #337

Perhaps you’ve crossed someone? Maybe some rival miner wishes to clear out his competition so he can mine all the belts?

(Dom Arkaral) #338

If that were the case he’d hire gankers :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lady Ayeipsia) #339

Right there is the reason you were decced. The deccer is either hoping to keep you out of the belt to grant themselves better access or is hoping you won’t be paying attention and they will be able to kill your skiff netting a fat 200 mil isk killmail.

Given how cheap that ice is and fuel blocks… Do you really need to mine it? If you do, is there a better location?

(Celeste Dixie) #340

Could be, but I don’t think so. We’ve gone weeks without wardecs at times, then hit bad periods where we’re dec’d all the time. It honestly just feels random.

Wardecs are part of the game and I get that. Most of my friends/relatives in this corp get that. We choose (at this time at least) not to fight. So the options are don’t play at all… don’t undock… or drop to/stay in NPC corps. I think all three options hurt retention for a least a portion of people that come to Eve.

All I’m asking for is a way to make the NPC corp life less of a pain from a social aspect. If we have to live like NPC corpers (with 11% tax), at least let us have an identity (corp name), a home (an office or two), and a chat channel.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #341

But why? Why not use that week to do something different in the game? Go mine in a hi sec pocket surrounded by low sec and have red frog haul out the ore for you.

Go to a wormhole (many of the C1 and F2f have Freeports) and mine ice in connected shattered holes or in gas/ore anomalies.

Join a group like Brave Newbies where you can mine in nul, make more isk, and have an Intel network to help you.

The whole notion that you would let the deccers control your game play for a week is foolish to me. There are so so many ways around it. And here’s the thing, generally once you prove that you will provide no content to the deccers, they tend to leave you alone.

(Faylee Freir) #342

You would be surprised how effective a few noobs in T1 ships bolstered by some ewar can be.

(Aaron) #343

Well, it seems that being in a corp is a huge problem for some of us players. Here we can apply the old saying “If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen” meaning give yourself a break by putting your corp on ice and joining an NPC corp.

Consider this carefully, Some of you have no interest in PVP so you have to ask yourselves why do you put yourself in a position to be targeted by PVP’ers by being in a corporation? There is a valid mechanic that is suited to your playstyle right there for you to use which is an NPC corp.

The bottom line is this; in many epic sci-fi stories there is always a group of people who have to take up arms and defend themselves. They suffer losses then they seek allies and continue the fight…they keep fighting until they are victorious.

Come on guys this is a pvp game and I can tell you that there are hundreds of fleet commanders about who are more than happy to show you fleet pvp if youre happy to follow what they say. I can assure you will have fun and you will get a great perspective on the game that will make you smile and even more excited about playing Eve.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #344

This is very, very true. Plus a well fit T1 frig costs say 10 mil. A fleet, may be 100 mil. It can take down a BS or a HAC and you’ll find your killboard is green and the deccers aren’t. This will deter some deccers once done.

Other deccers may and will be happy you tried to fight. They may offer advice for next time and even be willing to drop the Dec because you at least tried.

(Celeste Dixie) #345

And what I’m saying is that there are players that get that the game has non-consensual PVP, but that will use the mechanics to avoid it. You know its true - it’s why corps stop undocking or drop to NPC corps during a wardec. If you tell these people “Just don’t play, it’s a pvp game”, many will take you up on it and quit playing. But is that good for the game? Or is it better to keep these people paying subscriptions?

I am NOT advocating making hisec safer. I’m just advocating adding an option that lets people that’d be in an NPC corp anyway still feel like they are part of a group, rather than feeling disbanded.

(Faylee Freir) #346

That’s what chat channels are for. I am in plenty of them that give me a sense of community and teamwork, regardless of which corp I’m in.

(Dom Arkaral) #347

Make BE Great Again!!

(Black Pedro) #348

There is absolute no significant reason to not do this. Adding a social corp or other social organization to the game that is otherwise identical to the has been suggested many many times over the year and CCP just hasn’t got around to it. This makes no sense to me. Their own data screams that social interactions are one of the most important factors that keep players in the game yet they insist on keeping a system that couples increased risk to a group identity leaving no formal choice for low risk/low reward group play.

Real corps with real benefits should be a thing and should be able to fight each other, but if Johnny Newbean and his three real-world friends want to mine together in a social group with none of the benefits of a real corp then they should be able to. Yes, a shared chat channel would be the same but that isn’t always obvious to new players or desireable. A social corp wouldn’t touch the existing balance, just give players not interested or ready for the risks of a real corporation a more immersive social experience.

I can only take the lack of such a system as more evidence Eve development is running on fumes. In my opinion, implementing such a system just to stop threads whining about wardecs would be worth it, and better yet may actually provide some room to buff wars and real corporations so being part of one means something.

(Faylee Freir) #349


In all seriousness, I really don’t see issues with social corps other than it caves in to the cries of players that are playing a PVP game and don’t want to PVP. There’s no PVP-lite or PVE version of Eve Online, and I’m happy it’s this way.

(Black Pedro) #350

I am highly sympathetic to the piratical sentiments of that opening statement. Eve is a full-time PvP sandbox game and I would want it no other way. In fact, the day I decide Eve Online has a safe space or lucrative PvE content immune from the other players is the day I leave.

That said, the current war mechanic really does open up a corporation to significant risk as compared to the NPC corp. That’s fine if it come with significant rewards like owning stations or taxing members or shared hangers, but if you just want to be part of a club recognized by the game, it seems a little harsh to ask the members to open themselves up to attack by any other group in the game just for a shared name and chat channel.

Really though, corporations should have even more benefits to establish a viable risk vs. reward paradigm and make it so players want to be part of corps and even defend them. But I’ve grown tired of repeating this argument and floating ideas, and perhaps I am becoming just another bitter vet, but I see no realistic hope of any major iteration on corporations, wars or structures any time soon so I won’t. I’ll save that until these appear on some sort of mid-term roadmap.

But even if CCP doesn’t ever get around to implementing social corps, new players and small casual groups should know that staying in the NPC corp and playing the game with your friends using a shared chat channel and some out of game social tools is completely viable (see: minerbumping.com for a perfect example of a large in-game community functioning largely outside of the corporation mechanic) . There is very little you need an actual corporation for, and if you do need one for something then well you are no longer new or casual in my book and should start talking to people to learn how to defend yourself. That too is also pretty trivial once you have a handle on the mechanics, and whether you choose to just evade every war, or use them as a teaching tool to get better at the game and maybe have some fun exploding things and getting exploded along the way, wardecs serve as a necessary and useful tool to facilitate player interactions in highsec.

Wars aren’t going away anytime soon, probably never at the current development pace. Best everyone just learn to deal with them and stop endlessly whining about the only mechanic that allows legal group fighting in a game centred on group PvP combat. You are not suppose to be 100% safe and always subject to player interaction in this game and a mechanic that makes you unsafe when you want to feel safe is not necessarily broken for that reason.

(Lena Crews) #351

I’ve never happened upon it… so my rate of attacking suspect logistic alts is 0 out of 0.

Why does that matter? If it doesn’t increase risk… wardeccers shouldn’t care. If it does… this is a PvP game… don’t undock if you don’t want PvP.

I fail to see why someone who likes PvP is against a change that allows additional PvP that is not currently allowed.

(Lena Crews) #352

Again… giving the aggressor in a war attacking a target a suspect timer simply allows a larger group of people to PvP with THEM. Why is that a bad thing?

The arguments seems to be that those who attack should be defended and those who don’t want to be attacked should just suck it up because it’s a PvP game. Why can’t both suck it up because it’s a PvP game?