Absolute Injection Augmentor - Hangover?

Will these boosters be affected by Biology–having higher biology will increase the hangover from X up to 32h… which is bad–or will they be affected by Neurotoxin skills–having maxed skills cutting hangover to 16h…which is good.

@CCP_Falcon @CCP_Masterplan we need some clarity as how these augmentors will work… having an idea of how many can be used before their shelf life expires would be nice to know before they are available…


From what Im reading in the help channel they do get affected by biology

So if its working as intended I dont know but it seems silly to be penalized for having biology

Maybe the way to go will be to extract bio then reinject it at the end?

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Got over 30h with biology 5… a bit weird number, I’d understand 24h or 2 days but why 30?
Also why does having higher skills penalize you? It’s people with high(ish) SP who want to use those boosters, but they can’t.

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16 hour booster, if you have biology 5, it’ll take you to 32 hours.

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