Abyss Bugs: Does CCP even read them?

I submitted a bug report for an Abyss bug, session change bug on exit, and I havent seen any CCP even check it… and I just had another session change bug, this time on a transfer to 2nd room… and I got stuck with 14mins left, but seeing that you havent read the first yet, why even bother submitting more? Oh yeah, maybe because its a tad more expensive ship than a Caracal?

Yeah they are beeing read, by CCP Shrug


Did you file a “stuck character” petition?

You know, if you were actually “stuck.”

How sweet. Bless.

Never heard of such a thing, so where do I do that…

I got stuck in a session change, same way when u get stuck on a gate, but on exit and the last one on the jump to enter the 2nd room…

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