SISI Bug: Stuck in Ship After Death | Resolved

Whilst Testing Paladin Fits On SISI, I Jumped a WH from C5 Moveme system and started fighting two Drifters that someone had let loose

Just before I died I redeemed an exile booster which helped me for a short while before being finished off by them.
I then got an error message to contact player support as there was an error loading player profile

Im now stuck in a ship within a wormhole and cannot log off. Looks like ill have to task kill the client.

Contacted Support but was unable to act due to the provisions of the test server.

If a GM could resolve this on SISI it would be greatly appreciated!

a GM cannot help through the forums, you need to submit a bug report. Those are the only things that work through SiSi.

OK @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras
Partially Fixed it after SISI DT
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