I can't use an extractor on SiSi due to "restrictions"

I have no idea why, but my character Dmx XteR can’t use an extractor on SiSi. The character has ~60mil SP so it should be able to, however every time I try, I get the following message:

“You cannot perform this action because your account has been placed under restrictions by the security team. Please contact customer support for more information.”

Anyone else have this issue and/or know how to fix it?

Did you do something you should not be doing?

No, unless using alts for SP is against the EULA

Why don’t you follow the last sentence of the message? They’ll be able to answer you.

I already put in a ticket, they directed me to post here

I got the same problem on all my alts…
Did you maybe log in from a diffrent router or something else that could “trigger” the security systems?
Apart from that i got no idea why this would happen to us both…

I didn’t change anything, and I had literally extracted some other skills a few minutes prior.

was your account banned before? did you do anything that got angry GM on you?

if you did not break anything and you are not trying to lie perhaps you did nonconsesual pvp on sisi outside testing system?

That could be the case. I killed a unmanned Buzzard in Lowsec and someone who flee from fighting me into an other system next to M-O.
Do you really think this will result in blocking Skill Extractors?:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

yes this is lowest penalties u can get for this.

dont kill things that even are unmanned. if i see unpiloted ship ill just scoop it and eject in m-o so someone else blows it up.

i remember old times blowing up abandoned ships in wormhole space on isis long before citadels were put in game,if you had ships hanging outside sma iin your pos on sisi side pos was deleted but ships still were in place. i had killed many unmanned carriers and dreads in c5/c6 space with hurricane - took half hour per carrier and 40minutes per dread. these times are long gone and killing evrything outside m-o is agaist rules.i never killed unmanned t3 cruisers,had respects for those and i used to roam in 127 scan strenght revelation and scooping abandoned t3 cruisers. sometimes had to empty them off mobile depots or mtus. it was fun while lasted.

hint if you had citadels in wormhole or your friendyly corp you may not get punished at all - ofc for blowing up ur corpie stuff =D

anyway not all TQ guys play sisi but would still not blow up their entities.

i dont know how it would go for wardecs on sisi just to kill structures in perimeter xD

myself i am looking for citadels to kill in m-o but low powered ones.

ok at least something that could explain it in my case…
How long do you think they will keep that penality alive?

I personally don’t remember if that happened but it seems plausible. Seems like something I might do.

And now?
Any idea how long i need to wait now until im able to get back to my testing stuff?
I really need those skills to continue…

@GM_Arcade can anyone answer this?

My guess is until next mirror.

they keep penalties untill next mirror. this is standard process.

Same for me. Message happens when trying to use a skill extractor (and can’t use a skill extractor).

I’ve never been informed of any restrictions of any kind, and I have no idea what I might have done to cause a restriction…

Any way to contact a GM?
Such a penality is pretty useless cause it blocks everything i wanted to try on sisi.

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