I can’t use an extractor on SiSi due to “restrictions”

I’ve tried to use an extractor on SiSi with my character eXa DarkNoise ~64mil SP .
It don’t work and I get the following message:

“You cannot perform this action because your account has been placed under restrictions by the security team. Please contact customer support for more information.”

I submited a ticket and the GM answered me :

Unfortunately the Player Experience team can only provide support for the Tranquility server.

If you are seeing that your password is incorrect then try using a previous password as the test server account information may be outdated compared to Tranquility.

If your issue relates to the test server (Singularity) any support requests, bug reports and feedback would need to be posted to the ‘Test Server Feedback’ section of the forums at the following URL:


Can you help me please ?

Thank you

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