Not able to extract Skills

I have tried to extract skills from my character today, but for some reason there is an error that is stating that unable to extract as there has been a restriction on you account , contact the security team? Anyone able to help, contacted technical support, but they said I needed to post here. Anyone?

I reviewed your account and yes there is indeed a restriction in place. Nothing we can do to assist further for test server purposes I’m afraid.

was your account involved in botting,rmt or other illegal activity on tranquility server? .
remember restrictions like this are not free gift from ccp so you had to do something unusual that triggered it

Hello Goliath, So are you saying that this restriction will remain on my account? My account on tranquility is fine and very much active now. Yes I was banned for 1 week due to buy ISK from a seller. I thought the ban was my punishment and I have spoken to tranquility CCP devs and they are not happy, but accepted my apologies.

If the restriction has been lifted on TQ it will be lifted on Sisi in the following mirror.

so now devs can lift account restrictions?thought they were permanent punishment after ban expires/lifted

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