Unable to use Skill Extractors due to Security Restrictions

I’m having trouble using skill extractors on the Singularity Test Server, whenever I try to extract from my skill set using skill extractors to invest in other skills it says “This action cannot be performed because this account has been put under restrictions by the security team” I am unsure of what lead to this outcome I have been offline for 11 months and so I’d assumed it was to do with my password but when I go to https://secure-singularity.testeveonline.com the site does not load.

So what do I do exactly? I can’t change my password, I can’t use skill extractors which are important if I want to test different skills, I cannot for the life of me find someone from CCP or the ISD department to help me, I tried sending a ticket related to this issue but the customer support team told me that they do not deal with such issues best to send feedback on the forums.

Can someone help me?


didnt think you could use Extractors / Injectors on Singularity?

It is usually a punishment if you didn’t follow the SiSi rules and did something you shouldn’t have.

This is not what SiSi is for. The “testing” is for CCP devs not us. They just kindly allow us to try out new things for TQ before it is released so we can make sure it has as little flaws as possible.
Over the years SiSi was also used to make ship fittings for usage on TQ and CCP let us do this in a dedicated pvp only system.

If you wanna train something else, you can accumulate skillpoints by join masstests, which are announced on the launcher every now and then and usually before a new patch.

However cheat stix do not need to be “tested”.

I have done so in the past. Not quite sure why it should be forbidden now…

I never have logged into SISI except last week. I wanted to figure out how to fly my Carrier since they changed it from when I last played. Found out I was missing a few skills I since the changes and was unable to buy extractors / injectors from the marketplace.

if anyone affected by security restriction gets that error it means it has broke rules either TQ/sisi no matter what kind any serious infraction puts account restriction.

restrictions are not case by case basis but from automation, just dont break TQ rules because TQ restrictions after mirror aplly on sisi.

Everyone here is saying I broke the rules, so what… Going offline/Uninstalling the game for 11 months because of life is breaking the rules? Well if that’s the case then I don’t want anything to do with this game because clearly the only reason it’s still around is because they forced their player base to keep playing.

I uninstalled the game for 11 months, so I wasn’t playing on TQ and I wasn’t playing on SiSi that’s what I mean so to come back and find this what exactly have I done wrong? What I’m trying to say is how could I break the rules when I wasn’t even playing?

Why are you criticizing me for doing something that everyone has been doing for years? Did you know that the currency on SiSi even before I uninstalled the game for 11 months was skill injectors, I’m sure you can find a clear example of this right now. You could probably find someone wanting to trade a Ragnarok or something for 30 skill injectors, that’s just how SiSi works, so why I am being punished and they are not? It doesn’t make sense…

I am not, I am quoting what I heard others telling in m-o local having the same problem. What you do with that information is on you.

I don’t have much use for cheat stix anyways.

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