Abyssal QoL: Vila Swamer being it's own category

Currently the Vila Swarmer enemy is part of the “Abyssal Drone Entities” category.
Same as the actual rogue drone enemies, such as the Tessella frigates.
This means you cannot hide the Vila Swarmer spam from the Overview without also hiding the proper enemies you can encounter in a different room.
Especially in higher tiers, you can encounter a lot of Vila Swarmers being launched , which makes sorting through the overview entries arduous.
Since you need to kill every Abyssal enemy to progress, hiding the Tessera is not an option.
Killing the Vila Triglavian Vedmaks and Damaviks will deactivate the Vila Swarmers and allow you to progess without having to destroy the Vila Swarmers.

My request is to put the Vila Swarmer into it’s own category to allow the vila trig rooms to be more than just a groan- and scrollwheel spamming encounter.

Here’s an example of a T4 room. It gets much worse in T5s and T6:


I thought I was the only one super annoyed by this. 100% this needs to be a thing.

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Putting vile swarmers in the same category as player drones should also solve this issue. Either way we want an option/solution to hide them.


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