Immune Drone Swarm in Abyss

Has anyone ran into temporarily immune drone swarms in the abyss? Light faction missiles caused no damage in a T2 dark? With good missile & drone skills.

No but I ran into a 500 trillion ehp battleship with 3 million cruisers and frigates in a tier 5.

I mean, I do like a challenge but there is a “slight” difference between difficult and unbeatable.

I will check some tier 2 sites tomorrow and get back to you on that.

Thanks. They basically stop chasing you and just get stuck. I killed the cache and then flew back because I was out of missile range. They were not taking any damage from faction drones or missiles then all of a sudden they start popping.

2nd time I wasn’t so lucky.

Maybe it was lag?

I have seen it at least twice and everything else worked and it was for a long time but I never disconnected.

Let me get back to you tomorrow, I will go check a few tier 2 dark sites.

This sounds like the Vila Swarmers.
They are spawned by other ships that have Vila in their name. When the ship that spawned them dies, the Swarmers become inactive and stay in place. A Suppressor pylon in the area will destroy them after a while.

You do not need to kill Vila Swarmers to unlock the gate.

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