Triglavians have drone bays, but no native drones. wtf

Wondering about the why, the logic, and how drones could even work with Triglavian traits (visually and mechanically).

But still, it is incredibly ■■■■■■■ odd, this.

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Are the triglavian ships actually purchased from them or the result of us reverse engineering wreckage? Some Gallente scientist probably added it in there as an ‘improvement’.


Triglavians don’t use drones of their own but they have an alliance with the rogue drones.

It’s Vila. Triglavian drones are called Vilas.

You have drone management skill, but you don’t have Vila management skill, simple as that.

If you haven’t realized by now… CCP has no clue about ‘what’s next’. They literally just employ a misguided idea and see how it pans out… making even worse ‘corrections’ along the way.

Playing since 2009. They throw spaghetti at the wall and usually double-down on what DOESN’T stick with players.

Red dot.

But you’re still playing - so they must be doing something right…


So maybe there should be logically also Vila drones blueprints and skill books for them, in those bioadaptive caches or dropping from wrecks in invasion sites?


This sound like you don’t like Spaghetti.

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Triglavian damage ramping drones would be pretty terrifying.

I for one want to see EDENCOM vorton projector drones that accidentally bug zap each other when you have a whole flight of them out :stuck_out_tongue:

but only thunderchild has even a drone bay in the first place! :upside_down_face:

The entropic ticks versus the lightning bugs.

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