Abyssal Tobias Web - 65.1% and 21.63 km


150 Billion takes it, or make an offer

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Upd00t just for the titanium bawls on you

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Best web in the game. There, I said it. Smash my penif if I’m wrong.

That feeling when you roll up in the club with a fresh haircut. That’s how this mod feels. I know that and I’ve never even been in a club.

Bless your heart.

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I want my web back :stuck_out_tongue:

Friendly Bump!

Was this yours? I bought it off @Legit_Salesgirl and rolled it, but I think she acquired it elsewhere.

Take that garbage off your Vanquisher and buy my mod!

Learned a new phrase today “rarer than hens teeth”.

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