Sold pls close

Toby Web

Open to isk or trades, mostly looking for Zues tier abyssal mods.

5 bil




15B bo

What are yous smoking a standard Toby Web costs 40bil

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They must be Gallente. At least they’re moving in the right direction.

For sale

Hold your enemies tight

Bump, mod for sale

20B bo


Still smoking crack I see

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Since you seem to be getting only insulting offers, let me help you out a bit. 40b offer (base mod price) I know it is still a low ball, but it will get you closer to where this mod deserves to be.


I appreciate that!

Strike fear in the heart of friend and foe alike with this web.

Reduce the speed of your adversaries by 97.6% on any serpentis ship!

Links can get you range, but nothing can improve base %