Sold pls close

42 offer

Have an offer of 90B, looking for more.

Price added. Public contract up in game.

You can be the god activating this mod on your Vanquisher or you can be the fly caught in its… well… web

2.2% chance to get this mod if you roll your own. But that would take about 45 rolls. At 45 B a pop for the base mod, you’re looking at over 2 Trillion in roll costs.

Hold your tiny dancer closer with this mod

Get your spidey senses tingling with this web

The season of generosity has ended. Contract pulled. Open to offers.

Ruin someone’s day with this mod

Drop the hammer on speed tanking tackle

Willing to accept high end items in trade for this mod. Looking for Estamel’s Adaptive invul and top tier abyssal mods (5mn, medium shield booster with pith base, medium shield extender with thukker base, webs with dark blood or true sansha base)


Crucial bump

Bump day

Come get the best web for sale rn

to the tops


Give your ship spidey senses with this web

Counter the kitey ■■■■■■■■

You’re roll calc is dreaming.
Chance of a better roll is about 1/3.

Hardly Zeus Roll, more like Aeolus Roll.