WTS - Rolled Tobias' Web. 22km+

And finally… Also sold

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and up we go !

Interested in trading for any Rolled capital modules? I have a pretty serious number of rolled gravid/unstable Capital mods, from Capital reps (only the best Domination/True Sansha Shield, and Shadow Serp Armor Rolls, to speedy faction 50000/10000mns, Siege mods with massive rep bonuses, Neuts, nos, Also some bling +ROF Fighter Supports, 28%+ DDAs (not necessarily capital but sort of) let me know if any of that grabs your interest.

If not capital mods, any standard abyssal mods you may be looking for in particular? I don’t have many that will approach this in value lol, but I have plenty of 1-10b isk mods, and then a handful of really high-end capital mods.

Hi Bodhi,

I’m looking to trade for items which I can easily liquidate for equivilent value of the Webs.

My preference is isk, but happy to take stuff I can easily sell. I’m guessing Rolled Cap Mods are fairly tricky to shift.



back up we go

and up

and up again

who could forget about this one?

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How much??

100b for the pair ?

I have absolutely no idea.

Back up to the top, for you… awareness reasons

up, I suppose ?

back up we goooooo

and back up we go !

One web sold - bump for the other one.

Still available should anyone care to welcome it into a new home

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looking for a normal Tobias Web^_^

if you want to sell,plz reply or mail in game~

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