Abyssal X-Large Shield booster (X2): 1) 1104 boost (Pith X-type based) 2) 833 boost (Pith C-Type based)

A rough estimate of what i can get for these before i put on auction




First shield,

you got a good shield bonus on it and a slow activation time. generally this would be a nice PVE shield, the activation cost penalty negates the lowered activation time though so the cost per HP is not really favorable. CPU is good, however your PG is tough on this one. rules out tight builds. this narrows down your target audience a fair bit, it wont be a fast sale. for price, you have direct competition in the 400-500mil range with a number of available contracts in your stats range. for fast sale, I advise going 349m on this, or wait it out and see if you can get a 400-450 range.

the second shield,
first things first. its a gravid C type. in theory that should not matter, in practice people seem to still look at the base materials for some reason. that said, your stats on this one are a lot more workable:
a very good shield/cycle/cost ratio, making this suitable both for PvP and PvE builds. the faster cycle time in particular is what makes it an attractive shield in this case. fitting seems to be good, your CPU took a hit but that might be solvable with some bling.
For price, there is not a lot of volume in your stats range, leaving a nice gap between the 500mil and 1bil range. there are 2 items currently available with similar stats.

hope this helps! oh and in the future, do check https://mutaplasmid.space when trying to compare stats and prices etc. great tool for quick price checks and to see what is currently available on the market. always use common sense though, picture how you would fit it and what would make it hard to work with.

wow Thanks!

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