WTS XL Abyssal shield booster


looking for offer around 11b

Yeah hate to break it to you thats not worth 11b or even close to that. Have a free bump though lol

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your offer ?

I would value this mod at maybe 1bil max. NOT an 11bil mod sorry OP. It’s a tight fit on an incursion marauder. Likely can’t fit on a shield tanked kronos and it’s the wrong base mod. (Pith X reps ALOT more)

It would sell fast for 800-850mil (maybe I made up that 800-850mil completely subjective by me) That’s just my random word. Good roll fits well on a mission ship

There is https://mutaplasmid.space/ log on to this and see what the website quotes you. Many people use this as a starting point for negation.

This mod isn’t worth 11bil but saying it’s worth 1b is a way too obvious (and bad) attempt at trying to get it for cheap

waiting for offer v:P

waiting for offer

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