Acceleration Gates for Site Egress as well as Ingress

Acceleration gates are mostly used to decide which classes of ships can enter a site, and control the point at which players enter those sites or move between site stages. Usually these are deadspaces.

I think it would be interesting if some sites did not allow warping out except via acceleration gates or their equivalent. Presumably, one could still slowboat out of a deadspace site if they were sufficiently patient.

If nothing else, it would give the NPCs a sporting chance to win sometimes.

I see ways for abusing this. I actually like it. An option for added challenge. And it’s not the same as having NPCs scram, because tacklers can be killed. I’m not 100% sure if it’s good to lock someone into a space, though. Emergency warp out needs to work, though, because of disconnects or children trying to kill themselves … though tbh in that case i personally wouldn’t think of closing the client first.

Yes, children tend to do that sometimes. Unknowingly, of course. Oh boy…

If you mean having dead space pockets kill your ability to warp, I can’t see this idea getting far. If I have a point to warp to and my warp drive is functioning, I should be able to warp off.

I like the idea as a concept, but it’s pretty harsh.

Fw missions are mostly only run because you can blitz and bail when an intie comes for you. This stops that outright. You’d need a fleet for every mission or some very quiet space.

Same with missioning during a dec or in dangerous space.

Maybe it’s not necessary for every site, but is it unreasonable to ask players to commit to most sites? It shouldn’t matter if it’s a relic site, an ore site, a complex or a FW site.

Some might have more than one gate or free warp area instead of just one way in and one way out.

An end stage “room” might have the global effect lifted when a key structure is disabled or destroyed.

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There are destructible warp disruption field generator objects in the NPE tutorial starting area, those could be used for this as well. I assume their range can be altered for each mission or several versions created with different bubble size that fits the mission. One could slowboat away if wanted to get outside of it and warp away or destroy the generator itself to be able to escape. It can also be made invulnerable until certain conditions are met like mission completion or other. Additionally an acceleration gate may also be present that can accelerate you away regardless of the presence of the warp disruption field, providing a quick exit gate while slowboating outside the bubble would still be an option if one chooses so.

I always thought it odd that you could warp out of deadspace pockets. The lore says warp drives don’t work in there, which is why you have to use the acceleration gates to enter. Once upon a time Microwarps didn’t work in them either, with the same rationale.

While it would be harsh on new folks first learning level 4 missions or those pushing themselves running them in undersized hulls, I’d be Ok with the change.

It would be funny if there were no exit until the final stage. I can imagine players running rescue services to save overmatched vessels or pods.

Imagine a pirate realizing their mistake and striking up a deal with a ransom to finish the site so they could also leave.

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