Account baned on sisi

ola, can someone please unban my sisi account, thankingyou

what you was doing before ban? ccp statement about sisi bans is solid and not appealable. the sisi ban lasts for whole mirror

You probably got banned for violating the rules.

i only wonder what kind of ruls were breached because station agression turned into obsolete after ccp switched to citadels.

how long it takes to take mirror ? someone tries to hack me, and due this all was baned… i can play butnot on sisi

There is no fixed schedule for when a mirror is made.

Before this mirror came out he attacked everyone at the station and was asked to stop numerous times.

i was attacking only those who were agressing at station,it was fun to kill moroses naglfars shooting other peeps while isd was not in home,i brought justice back on place and nobody else was hurt. supercarrier with shadows was best tool agaist station was agaist rules but they also were agaist rules so it was still win win condition.

with main combat system moving to sov system problem was solved. but there are still triggerhappy people. few j from main sov sys my sov sys got rf’ed and pos r’fed. i had cyno mod on pos installed to quickly move capitals…

dear ISD please find a way to kill bubblersits not so cool to get in bubble in midwarp
sometimes using moveme to get to the sov system gets me in bubble.

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