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I would just like to know if there is a reason that you CANNOT get to the Community pages if you’re on the Account pages. In other words, if I login to my account information page, there is NO LINK to get to forums or news or articles.

I think it’s very poor web design that you have to return to the page to move between your account and forums.

Can anyone give me a reasonable explanation?

well you’re definitely new here.
short answer : No.
long answer : errrrrrrrrr No.

there used to be one,
we also used to have EveGate which was sortof like a shite backend of a social network that never really went anywhere.

a lots changed over the last year or so, im pretty sure its low on the list of priority.

thats not to disagree with you mind , you are right , its a pain in the arse.

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no no reason
yes you are right there is no link

poor webdesign … hmmm … maybe but maybe they wanted it like this … we dont know and i guess noone really cares because TADAAAAA: solution --> use favorites like anyone else

sorry just kidding but yea i really guess everyone has a favorites collection so … no need to change anything here


Because CCP. You’ll run into plenty more things where all you can do is shake your head.

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