Navigation to other Eve portals?

(Erika Mizune) #1

I scrolled down and searched to see if this was asked already, but will the navigation to the other portals be added like the old forums for convenience for navigating around to the other areas. Ie: links to Eve Gate, Account Management, Support, Dev Blogs, ect.

Pic for reference:

(Jake Chely) #2


This was a very convenient feature. It should be part of the new forum.

(CCP Avalon) #3

I’m reluctant to add too much to the hamburger menu, but added three of the previously available links into it.

(Rivr Luzade) #4

Then get rid of the hamburger. Google does, Microsoft does. Hamburger menus are tasteless and cheap. Instead, make different menus for different things

  • Forum Navigation for all things related to the forum.
  • EVE Universe for all things that people want to access on the EVE page.

Now that the Report feature had its teeth pulled especially the Support option for firing off a GM ticket about things you cannot Report (how do I report redundancy now, for instance?) any more is vital to have.

It works flawlessly in the old forum, there is no reason why I shouldn’t here. Besides. Do you see this long, blank black bar at the top of the browser window in the new forum? Guess what all this empty space could be used for. :wink:

(Erika Mizune) #5

Why in the hamburger menu tho? Make it a drop-down menu on the far left side like on all other Eve sites.

On the hamburger menu it just seems so hidden and not easy access like it is everywhere else. :worried:

This is the menu even on the main Eve online page, nice easy access to all portals. Works nicley on mobile too:

And in the update portal:

So it’s a menu that’s just about everywhere else, it makes sense to have it in the forums portal too, I’d think. :pensive:

(Nicen Jehr) #6

Hi @ccp_avalon I recently posted support ticket #459673, asking for a way to navigate from account management to API key management. It was suggested I post the idea on forums too; this thread seems relevant enough. Hope you agree it would be a useful feature and can help drive the ticket forward :slight_smile: