Hamburger menu, please keep it on the left

The Photon UI currently has the hamburger menu moved to the right hand side pictured as three vertical dots. CCPlease move it back to the left hand side.

This menu has been the most important menu and an item players have used thousands of times to perform critical steps within Eve. Moving this item to the right hand side and combining it with the window minimization / window lock options makes it less accessible.

There are hundreds of images and tutorials that teach players how to use the fleet window, overview, watch list, show info, wallet, or a multitude of other windows within EVE that depend on the hamburger menu on the top left.

Old players’ reflexes have developed for years to go to the top left which now only puts the window in the compact window if they press it. On the right, if you misclick by a bit you could minimize or close the window.


I agree with you Jinx De Caire.

it also should be changed back to the 3 lines instead 3 dots…
I didnt even notice it was the Hamburger menu when i saw the 3 dots lol…

Fly safe 7o

Hamburger thing is one and probably only thing I personaly dislike with new UI, it is so much complicated compared to old UI. It takes extra steps to manage things, it doesnt even gain free space, its just extra clicks for minimize, close or lock/unlock windows. It just doesnt make any. sense, imagine if windows 10 would stack minimize, close and full screen buttons under hamburger :grin:
Maybe It would not be so annoying if EVE would not randomly move my windows on screen so that I have to drag them back or resize etc, after relogs


Please keep it on the left, and with the old symbol.

This has all the appearance of change for change’s sake. No reason to do it, we do it because we can. How else to justify the graphic interface budget? You don’t expect meaningful changes when all that can be done is move the eye candy around.

This has the odor of work for work’s sake. Reminds me of that scene in Cool Hand Luke
Why waste your time on non-productive endeavors? Earn the respect of your customers with something worthwhile.

Agreed. I don’t see any compelling reason to change it to the right. There should be strong reasons to muck about with the positions of longstanding and crucial UI elements. It’s hard enough telling newbros where some setting deep in the hamburger menu is… Now it’s not even going to make sense why it’s called a hamburger menu. Ya know?

There’s just no conceivable reason that this needs a change (it aint broke). Therefore, why change it (dont fix it)?

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