Account reactivated and completly lost ! :-)

Hey Guys!

First of all, I hope you all are well!

After a 2 year break I reactivated my account again and guess what! Right - I am totally lost in the game. Everywhere in the Caldari space I have ships and have no idea why I have them, why they are fitted as they are and why I have them at all.

So I’m looking for a Corp that will take an old man by the hand and train him from scratch.

What am I looking for?

  • Serenity (old man and quick thinking are one thing)
  • PVP (Yes, losing ships is fun!)
  • PVE (if you absolutely have to. And if necessary, also mining :frowning: )
  • RocknRoll (loud and dirty)
  • Fun (lots of it, please)
  • no matter where (0.0, LoW, Hi, etc)
  • Cocktails (well, I like them)
  • like a big Corp (many players, more fun)
  • Understanding that RL is sometimes more important

What am I not looking for?

  • Boredom (Then I can also play solo)
  • salty tears
  • small corps
  • hours of boring fitting discussions (I remember them)
  • Arrogance and hysteria

What can I offer:

  • me :slight_smile:
  • 40 ++++++, the normal age limit has already been exceeded for a long time, but I’m still capable of learning
  • 78m Skillpoints
  • complete lack of clarity
  • Teamspeak, discord and microphone are working perfectly
  • EU Timezone
  • Loyalty
  • Diligence
  • Transport support in HS
  • general support where it is needed.

If you think you are what I’m looking for, convo me in game or just reply here.


Hey Eugene!

I am in a similar boat, rather than a long post have a read of this…


Join us! We need you!

Hey there, this opportunity may suit you…being a similar age to me!


Dear Eugene Donelli,

You would be a great fit over at JREX! We are a small gang to medium fleet PvP. We also have some indy Corp that has lots of content right out of our door. We are active from 1700-0630 eve time with players ranging from EUSTZ to USTZ. I hope you would join us and based on your interests, you would fit right at home. Fleets and content is what we want to focus on. We will provide you with content and gf’s on all hours of the day. That’s what JREX is about surrounded by a community environment which also plays other games outside of eve together. You won’t be a number with us but a chill dude.

We are also members of a pirate alliance called intergalactic space hobos! We have lots of good fights and great content happening everyday to from blops to roams to Gate camps to dread fights.

I have attached our recruitment thread below which has our discord so you reach us. We also have a public channel called “JREX REC” for all recruitment.

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