[Actee] EU/US Timzone - Acitve Indy/PVP Corp

Actee is a corporation based in Feythabolis nullsec space with our alliance, Evictus is atm 100 people who put family first but enjoy eve together. We help and talk together every day on mumble which is mandatory to be used when joining our corp/alliance. We use discord as internal communication and holds lots of documentation for pi, production, Jump freighting and much more.

Evictus is a Alliances with 2500 members and 33 Corporations and Evictus is part of Legacy coalition

Actee were born out of mining ice in Actee system which was a highsec system with two Ice belt we learned to fly barges and defend ourself. We did leave Actee system and travel to Null to learn to live and fight in null systems

Read more about Actee in this link.

What can Actee Offer?

• Nullsec systems. Fully upgraded systems to mine and rat in.
• Full IT infrastructure (Forums, coms, discord).
• Ship replacement programs trough the Alliance and fleets.
• Ore, PI, and loot buyback.
• A fun and active community.
• Always mining, ratting, PVPing (Corp fleets, alliance fleets, coalition fleets)
• We have Jump freighter logistics in and out of highsec or Alliance service can be used.

• Industrial are a big thing in null and ofc guide and help with that in case your enjoy indy.
• We have many capital pilots from Titan, Minokawa, hell, dreads so lot to be learned from here
• Ratting is also a thingy in null and a way to make money we will ofc help and guide with that

• If you want to mine moons or just ore were professionals at that atm because of changes to eve Actee has though scaled down its moons until CCP is done messing around, but we do lot of mining still so if that’s your game come and join us.

• We also have a highsec branches in case you want to mine highsec ore wich we bring down to our building area.

What kind of people do we seek
• People who understand that real-life comes first! Families, Work, and Friends are all more important than Eve.
• People want to try null-sec and give it a swing. Just come with your pod and we provide with starter ships and of if you don’t like it or thrive we will help move any stuff back to highsec or where you want it.

Hard Requirements
• Omega pilots only
• authentication on Evictus webpage and to be on Comms interview mandatory. Mandatory auth for mains and alts.



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