Activation Cost of Weapons

So the activation cost of beam lasers for example are different than mwd’s correct. They continue to apply for each firing?

Each “shot” of the dual light beam lasers are only half the capacitor draw of the small focused beam lasers for each “firing”? Been struggling with capacitor usage and maybe i know why now.

Mwd isnt a weapon, so yea idk why you mentioned it

Dual light beam
two separate laser focusing systems to reduce the cool down period between shots. Good short to medium range weapon.

Small beam
A high-powered beam laser.

So firing off a more powerful weapon will need more cpu, cap, and power grid

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One other consideration for energy weapons: different crystals use different amounts of capacitor. High power (Multifrequency) and long range crystals (Radio) use more capacitor.
Lowest capacitor use is “Standard”. Middling range, middling damage low capacitor - quite useful if mission running.

Regarding the MWD. They are heavy capacitor usage but they also, just by fitting one, reduce the size of the capacitor. This, because “capacitor recharge” is given as a time to fully recharge the capacitor, reduces the rate (GJ/sec) of capacitor recharge.


Just like a MWD uses its activation cost each cycle, so do certain weapons that consume capacitor. The MWD cycles slower but it works the same (with the exception of the max cap reduction). Many times though you don’t need to be cap stable. For example, you might not use your MWD during the whole fight, pulsing it when needed, saving cap when it is not needed. Plus, most fights only last a couple of minutes, so cap beyond that is not going to help you anyway. Just be careful of neutralizers.

Standard crystals cut that activation cost for nearly half.

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