Lvl 4 Missions: Average ammo cost per mission?

So how much do people spend on average on missiles to complete a level 4 mission? Are missile relatively well priced compared to other ammo?

Just wondering because I keep debatting if I go laser ships or not. Since they only have crystals that need replacing every 4000 or so shots.

Oh geez I’ve never really broken it down. 12 million worth of ammunition will usually keep me going for a very long time. I dont have to restock very often.

You’ll be making more than enough isk in payouts and bounties alone, ammunition costs shouldn’t be a deciding factor. Lasers are great and beam lasers are my favorite long range weapon. Just beware that where lasers suffer is mission enemies and their weaknesses. Against Blood Raiders and Sansha that are weak to EM / Thermal you’ll be laughing but if Angel Extravaganza comes up, well, its going to take awhile with their resistances.

Honestly pick the ship you like staring at the most because you’ll be staring at them a lot. Every weapon type is good (barring railguns but thats a personal bias)

Hey I appreciate your response. Had just one question; The Typhoon is my favourite ship and I am considering to skill to it. However the Minimatar marauder doesnt use missles, do you have any advice?

Lazers have the best Ammo cost.

Faction/t2 torps/cruise missiles are INSANELY expensive. (Next to Edencom Ammo)

Hybrid ammo is pretty ok.

Same with Minimatar ammo.

Why are Faction/t2 torps/cruise missiles so expensive?

I buy 100K nova rages and mjolnir rage hams (~20M isk). After a ~hundred missions or so I am still not out of that stock. So the answer is: the missiles don’t cost that much.

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The ammo costs are completely irrelevant in the long run once you can use T2 ammo. It is absolutley nothing to worry about or even base your decision on what ship to use for them.


Faction missiles (all of them) require LP to make them, hence the cost.

As for T2… because not many make them? Why? making them is PITA and while margins are high, they don’t sell like crazy. Only in the initial stages because people oversupply on them once they see them “cheap” (aka ~jita sell). After that you have long period of time during which people don’t buy much as it takes a while to chew through 100K stack of missiles/ammo.

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The Vargur is an absolute beast and well worth training projectile turrets for. The autocannons can reach out to 80km easy with the right ammo and you can use every damage type. You wont regret picking one up.

I actually find the Golem, the Caldari marauder to be a lot less effective than its stablemates. Cruise missiles, even the precision ones, have trouble applying damage to smaller targets as quickly as you want a marauder to be clearing them off the field. They’ll slap larger targets silly but in the same time I could have one-shotted four or five smaller vessels had I had been using autocannons or blasters.


Not really a great market analyst but it it’s probably morphite/rocket fuel. :man_shrugging: Idk about faction torps. (Saw replies above nvn)

If you really want cheap ammo Lazers are the way to go.

Vargur/Hybrid turret ammo is pretty good cost wise.

Rocket fuel is certainly one limiting factor on mass production of T2 missiles. They also use pulse generators, which is made from advanced moon materials (that is, not in reactions). Morphite is not as much of a problem here. It is the high consumption of rocket fuel that is an issue.

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On my pc i have stats for missiles per mission etc. But its in storage

T2 missiles aren’t that expensive. The faction missiles cost a ton though. T2 missiles are at a similar cost to faction charges and projectile ammo, slighter cheaper even.

The faction missiles are nice, but you’re paying 2.5x the cost for less damage with better application down to even cruisers. They still hit frigates like ass. You’re going to be taking precision missiles or drones to deal with smaller targets anyway so you might as well build for T2 fury application.

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Yeah thats what I do as well. Just T2 Damage + T2 Application missiles, cheap and reliable. In certain scenarios FactionAmmo would be a bit better than T2 Application on very small targets, yes. But the comfort just to need 2 types of ammo completely outweight that. It’s not like you would notice the difference in overall runtime in a good mission ship.

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I actually found T2 more time efficient once I got into the 5s for the relevant skills too. But I like me a Typhoon FI rather than the Cadari BS’s or the Golem (although the Golem is because I haven’t skilled into Caldari BS 5). I found I was doing at least 1 less salvo on BS’ while keeping the same amount of tank.

That 37.5% increase in missile damage and explosion velocity on the Typhoon FI feels really nice for running T2 fury missiles. A couple of rigor mods, a computer and a target painter and you can reach out almost as far as the faction cruise missiles and get really good application with the fury’s. Even the precision reach out pretty far too, it’s pretty rare for a cruiser and below to be out of range of them if I switch to a range script, plus the TP isn’t really needed on the BS’, so you can help out drones taking on the elite frigs with it too.

If really wanting to pinch some pennies maybe look at buy order in bulk. And see who wants to flip ammo at your price.

Beyond that…missile costs when I was more missile pve based I wrote off as a cost of convenience. Vice times in kronos when that new spawn opens up out of blaster range.

And bastion is no where near cycle end.

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