Ships or ammo

Help me.

with what? how to make them? what to make? kinda need more info there poindexter.

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Which on his better. Ships markets won’t be profitable long enough to make the isk back, and ammo are bad at profits(unles you mine the ore) but have high demands.
System index cost is also high in Perimeter and the only low ones are in low sec or high sec islands.

3 jumps from Perimeter you find systems with sub4% (even sub3%) indexes, all high sec.



Ty you saved my life(maybe not).

Tip: If you choose ammo, look at markets outside of Jita. There’s demand for ammo at places like mission running hubs. If you offer reasonable prices, sometimes people will look at the time value of jumping to Jita/Dodixie/Hek/Rens/Amarr and say “nah, screw jumping, I’ll just buy locally” and purchase their ammo at their mission agent’s station.

Also: Mission runners that want to convert their LP to ammo, need to buy T1 variants of that ammo to do so. So knowing LP stores and popular faction ammo types can work in your favor.

I did this last year for one of the Republic Fleet ammo types in Heimatar. I crashed the prices an RF ammo type, in order to get other mission runners to exit the LP ammo market, scoop up the small amount remaining at a cheap price, (people who do arbitrage also helped me clear out the now-unprofitable local market as they bought the ammo to sell it at a higher price outside the region), then pump up the prices to scoop in handsome income and turnaround, liquidating my LP rather uncontestedly. But I needed a good T1 ammo supply to do it.

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Great plan.

Always ships. Best isk per hour

Good Point!

On that note, in this case, it is prudent to know which ammo types will be converted into the beloved navy-faction ammo types.

  • All missile types will be converted
  • Multifrequency, gamma, x-ray, ultraviolet, standard and radio lazor discs will be converted, usually multifrequency, standard and radio more often
  • The three low-range projectile ammo types will always be converted. EMP, fusion and phased plasma. Not sure many people use the super-long range damage types at all.
  • You can always bet on antimatter hybrid charges to be converted, then its plutonium, uranium, iridium, thorium and lead.
    Even though you can make use cases for yourself, I don’t see many use cases for iron and tungsten charges. You can see on the market that people make them, but you will most likely sit on them.

I wish those thunder-lightning guns would have faction ammo batteries, and I hope the murder-death-ray-beam guns never get faction ammo.

Hope that helps.

Yes good point, maybe I should sell faction ammo.

Run missions
Melt down loot
Turn it into faction ammo
Sell at mission hubs.

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Question: do pvpers hate having to restock on ammo over and over again?

Not really.

As a low sec pirate pvper, I go though less ammo then when I was running 4s

Okay well how much ammo do L4 mission runner use?
I never did them before.
And what kind of weapons do they prefer?

Large weapons.

I sold a lot of republic fleet phased plasma.

Though, missiles are common because the player can then choose what damage type to apply and punch the npc’s resistance holes.

Ty for helping with the ammo type I appreciate it very much.


Has a level 4 SOE and is quite a mission hub, despite its close proximity to Hek, they will still by ammo when its offered in that station.

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Yes could be a station that I could milk dry.

One round-trip to Hek and back does cut your ISK per seconds. It would be ludacris to go get ammo when you could make $$$$$$$$$$ instead.

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