Manufacture or buy ammo to convert to faction ammo

Do i make more isk manufacturing t1 ammo then converting it to faction ammo? Or is it better to just buy the ammo then convert it to faction?

The question is; what is your time (to mine) worth and can you make more doing something else to pay for that T1 ammo (or materials)?

It’s really down to isk/hr. Figure how much time it takes to mine and manufacturer, and the cost to refine the ore and run the job vs the time and cost to buy the t1 ammo and convert it.

…and just remember that to make this side of the equation work, you also need to add the income gained from the time saved not mining. I know it’s obvious but some forget this and overreact when they see the material costs (vs mining ore themselves).

…and for the love of Dog, also make sure you are doing what you find more enjoyable too…

Welcome to the rabbit hole…

ps. Not directing this at you ACS, just adding…

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Generally speaking, making the ammo is faster and cheaper.

Ammo is super easy and cheap to make and takes very little time to mine for (or reprocess stuffs. It really doesn’t take much). If you don’t desperately need the industry slots i recommend making your own ammo for pve anyways.

Faction ammo tends to have higher margins than most lp store items. Add on broker fees and it costs quite a bit more to buy than make. Add on to that the time you spend hauling as well when you could literally press a button and make it in what is probably your home station.

The only reason i wouldn’t make my own faction ammo was if i was desperate for the industry slots or there is an lp store item i can get with a margin far in excess of faction ammo.


Just convert what drops from your missions. Simples

Generally speaking, it’s always faster AND cheaper to buy any T1 stuff. Even if you decide to mine ore yourself, it’s better to sell it (do not reprocess!) and buy what you need.
Unless you have very high industry skills.

That’s not true.

Tech1 ammo has pretty high margins. And you’re not paying brokers fees on top of that.

Even with the worst possible industry skills.

The only mitigating factor is if you need the industry slot for something else. Otherwise you can make an sell ammo pretty much indefinitely at a profit.

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Had to check BP calculator and, technically, you are right, i guess. Still, with “profit” like ~20k / hour you are probably better to do anything else, literally.
(Even though manufacturing don’t take your time, moving materials / products does).

Right. But if you aren’t using the industry slots for anything else. Even if you have an unused industry slot for a day, you can do a large run of ammo in that time.

And you can either mine the materials or reprocess worthless loot (it really does not take long). Or buy minerals to pick up on you’re next trip to the market.

Like i said, the only reason to not make your own ammo for pve is if you really need the industry slot for something else.

And the same applies for faction ammo. The only reason not to make your own is if you really need the lp for something better.

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Im a lvl 4 mission runner. I normally repo all the t1 ammo and metal scraps i get in a mission as well as any modules that have a value below 10k isk. I was planning on manufacturing my t1 ammo from the materials i get from this. Still more profitable than buying the ammo? Or should i not repo stuff at all and just sell EVERYTHING.

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Repo the junk and make your own ammo. It’s much more satisfying than a trip to the market.

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Whilst you can technically get more money for ammo and junk mods than you can the value of minerals from reprocessing, it can take a very long time to sell because some mods and ammo are hardly used by anyone.

Reprocessing is quick, clean and gives you minerals that you can build more useful stuff with. Aside for valuable meta mods you may just want to reprocess most of it to save time and stress.

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The other thing to keep in mind is whether you like doing something or not. Maximum efficiency is important to some people, making use of all their resources effectively is important to some people.

For myself, I’m not a huge ammo expender, so I find that the overall cost of my ammo as compared to my earnings is quite small. I also use drones a lot so that’s a factor. I also travel around a fair bit so flitting back and forth to stations to cart ammo around isn’t optimal, nor is consolidating materials for a manufacturing run. I normally just do my things in an area, reprocess everything that isn’t worth a million or more, sell the minerals, and move on. If I need more ammo I just buy it wherever, it’s not generally a significant cost.

If I adjusted my playstyle to where I was burning a lot more ammo, or considerably more T2 ammo, I’d look at my income vs. expenses to see if it made sense for me to make my own. Playtime is limited however, and every action that adds even 5 minutes to my “housekeeping” tasks is 5 fewer minutes of doing something I want. Considering that in a 1-hour play window, I already have a hard enough time finding something interesting to do… spending 10% of that time cooking ammo would be fruitless.

Building T1 Ammo and converting it to Faction is better than buying T1 Ammo and converting it to Faction.

thanks for all the info guys :slight_smile:

Here is all you need to know, how much is faction ammo selling for right now?

If you manufacture the ammo before converting it that takes more time, effort and ISK sunk into the line of production before the end result of profit from sales through trading on the market. You will have a lot more ISK sunk and then you may be stuck trying to recover your investments even when prices are not favorable and results more random.

If prices are higher than normal, it can be more worth it to have held onto the LP and just bought the ammo yourself and converted it to immediately cash out while the market has a healthy margin.

Right now faction ammo prices are rather high, you could start producing and wait but there is no telling what the market might look like by the time you actually get around to selling it in which case you will probably want to wait until a better time to sell it if your concern is getting more profit out of your investment rather than a quicker return.

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