Making my own ammo and surplus loot

Hello - pretty much a high sec noob with a couple of questions. I’m running T3s in a Drake and plan on moving to T4s in a Raven. I just need to train cruise missiles IV and V to fly the raven with the fit I want to use. I was thinking about making my own ammo and selling the surplus. I read a few articles and posts on industry and I think I have the idea (I googled making my own ammo and many of the posts were from 2008/2009.) I have some ore from missions with asteroids and I have quite a bit of equipment from lvl 3 rats/salvage.

  1. Making my own ammo (correct process?) - train industry/adv industry, buy the T1 BPO, get the mats, making the T1 will give me a chance of getting T2 BPC, get the mats for T2, and finally make the T2. Is this the correct process and more importantly is it just easier/more efficient to fly to Jita and pay the 400isk or more per missile?

  2. Loot - what’s the best thing to do with loot from rats in missions? Sell the items or reprocess them? What about salvage?

Thanks for your help.

Stick to T1 if you want to have it as a side gig. Get T1 BPOs of the stuff you want to make, research them to maximum, start making ammo, that’s it. Very simple. It will take a while before your prints recoup ISKs and time thrown in them, so I don’t know if you should bother. I would buy prints, set them to research and if you still want to make your own ammo after they are researched, try it. If you forgot you even had BPOs just keep buying ammo.

T2 requires invention or T2 BPOs, as well as special stuff to make. Don’t bother unless you want to do industry full time.

Selling or reprocessing depends on the module. With some practice, you will quickly spot the few items that are worth something to sell them yourself; you can sell the rest to services buying that junk or reprocess it yourself, you should end up in about the same spot. Sell salvage, easier.

Something that I do is manufacture T1 ammo, then use my NPC Corp loyalty points to upgrade to faction ammo. I think the ISK cost is about half of what i would pay for in the marketplace.

I use an MTU to loot the wrecks from the mission. The less expensive stuff ill reprocess and the expensive stuff I’ll ship to Jita and sell. Sometimes I’ll salvage depending on my mood.

Every now and then Ill actually go mine for a while to build my rock stock.

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