N00b question: 720mm 'Scout' Artillery I BPO?

I wasn’t sure if to ask this question here or to “New Citizens Q&A” because it’s a totally n00b question - how to get a 720mm ‘Scout’ Artillery I BPO? I understand some other 720mm BPO has to be invented or mutated?
The background of the story: I keep loosing ships (not breaking news) but I am the most sorry for the fittings. So I want to try to produce some of the more expensive stuff by myself to reduce my losses and maybe even to make some profit.
Thank you in advance for your tips!

Firstly the bad news: There isn’t a BPO for them. They can not be manufactured. They are loot/salvage from NPC ships - typically those found in security missions or combat anomalies. As a medium turret they will be from Cruiser or Battlecruiser sized rats.
Also, if you go back to the wreck of your ship you can loot some of the modules from it (what and how much is random).

The good news: they are reasonably common on the market - about 750k ISK in Amarr at the moment.

The option: if you manufacture some other item that is profitable, then you can sell that in order to raise the funds to buy the weapon on the market. One of the strengths of Eve is that virtually everything can be bought (and that’s also a weakness, but not relevant here!).
Generally T1 manufacturing is “modestly profitable” - it’s the more specialised activities (as always) that are the more profitable. A useful tool is Blueprint Calculator - Blueprint Display

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Players can only manufacture T1 and T2 items.

Certain items are slightly better than T1 yet only drop from NPCs and are called ‘meta’ modules. The 720mm ‘Scout’ Artillery weapons are such meta modules. (And there are also other types of items as well with green, blue, red or purple icon that cannot be created by players either through industry.)

Thank you so very much! That was the most helpful - advices and links! I will try to think of something though I still prefer some stuff that I would use myself too :slight_smile:
P.S. Going above T1 for me is far above my experience/skills/knowledge - I will start from something simpler (already doing EMP S for my daily activities - it’s a life-saver!)

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Thank you! I heard about ‘meta’ but never knew what does it mean. Oh, my dream just got crushed … :slight_smile:

For what it is worth: ammo is usually the recommended place for an industry-curious player to get their toes wet, so you are absolutely on the right track! Making and selling ammo near starter systems and popular mission systems can be a great way to get used to navigating the industry interfaces, and has low enough costs that even if you make a mistake you probably won’t bankrupt yourself.

Remember that if you mine minerals yourself, they still have value, so account for that in determining if you are making a profit when you manufacture goods. And depending on the time it takes to mine and what your refining options are, vs the cost of minerals and what you earn doing other activities you enjoy, it is very possible (highly likely, really) that at this stage you are better off buying minerals than mining and refining yourself - and will likely make more money doing missions, for example, than mining, and still come out ahead when you have to buy the minerals on the market.

For context, this is in no small part because refining ore loses a lot of mineral value from the ore unless you have very high skills and access to player-owned resources like an upwell refinery. This means that, for example, someone else will very likely be willing to give you more ISK for any ore you mine than the value of the minerals you can refine from it, because they can refine more out of it with higher skills and better refineries. As such, buying minerals outright is often a better option for most players who are not mining/refining specialists.

Thank you very much for the recommendation! I will do just that! Actually I already sold some little amount of my own produced ammo - it sold in minutes :slight_smile: So thanks - I will get some ammo BPOs

wow, never thought of that, thanks very much for the tip! I will definitely dust of my spreadsheets and try to calculate that

Thank you very much for pointing this out - I never thought of that. EVE is so deep that every day I discover yet new aspects of it - that’s so great and enjoyable!

My sincerest thanks for taking your time and explaining to a newbie things that for you are obvious but for me - discovery

Fly safe!

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