Indentifying potentially profitable BPOs with high demand

So right now, I’ve been making some rigs which appear to be in high demand, and have been selling quick, and making a decent profit off of those, along with a few charges and such. My only problem is that I need to branch out a bit I feel, and find something that has a high demand and a decent profit (4% margins are a no-no.) Any tips on what BPOs to look for or what market to look at? Should I look into manufacturing components used in other manufacturing processes, and would those have a decent demand?

One approach might be to actually contact some local faction warfare corporations and ask them if they need rigs for their ships. I would focus on newer smaller corporations with newer players because they will have lower numbers of players focused on industrial activities. I would also focus on small and medium rigs since they require less input materials. Tech I rigs will sell and if you take them to a market that needs them you should get a decent margin (profit).

Of course this all depends on what you think a decent profit IS. If you are looking to make billions right away by manufacturing rigs then you will need capital and time to produce Tech II versions. If you are just starting, focus on making 100s of thousands and then millions and so on.

So far, I’ve actually been making a few small millions of isk in rigs and some charges. It’s not much, but it’s a profit. I’m just wanting to look for other possible markets to get into to branch out and potentially increase my earning potential. Which is why I’m looking for other possibilities for high-demand markets AND profitable.

Faction warfare stations and small corps I think are viable markets and probably good sources of intel on what they need made. I have started selling in a station that is a high sec location for cashing out LPs. As an experiment I sold about 260 million or so in t1 and t2 turrets and shield tank mods and rigs and some other stuff. Profits were likely 50-70% of that perhaps a bit more since I source much of my own materials. That was in a month. Fair bit and I think I can do better.

So you just created pretty much a convenience store for FW players? Is that what I’m understanding here? If so, that’s not a bad idea.

Hecates are always in demand and sell for a good premium :wink: But T3 has quite a SP entry barrier and the last step can’t be done in highsec.

Else check everything T2, final and intermediate stuff. Use

more important, T3 is BPC and not BPO.

Correct. But the BPC comes from invention like T2.

I wouldn’t focus on BPOs, there are items where it makes sense to work from researched BPOs (like T2 intermediates, which can be researched to max in two days), other items where it’s often more efficient to buy a BPC pack (like structures, if you don’t own fully researched BPOs), and items where you sell the BPCs from a researched BPO (e.g. capital modules).

As with all industry, you need to calculate the profit contribution of each individual step from BP, source materials, to market, and you will realize that 80% of the profit/time is with 2-3 steps (and mining your own ore/minerals is never part of it :wink: ). Hence skip/buy the other steps and do more of the most profitable ones.

Also watch out for events, which require some manufacturing. Last year’s FW event was super profitable even for people not participating in the event itself by producing the intermediates needed by everybody to build the final item.

EDIT: these are rules of thumb … you may for example need to include a not so profitable step just because you can sell its product easier on the market. Building structure components for example gives you a huge profit on paper, but there is no market for it.

The difference is that T2 BPC come from BPO invention, while T3 BPC come from loot invention.
If you want to invest into BPO, T3 is out of the topic.

I don’t disagree about what could be better.

T2 BPC comes from T1 BPC invention. T1 BPC can be bought or copied from originals and the ME/TE doesn’t matter in this case, which is important to save money.

EDIT: My comment was taking a broader approach, because I understood the OP is asking about direction in general for profitable industry. BPOs are only a part of the whole story.

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My point was, that it is doable using BPO. I did not claim that is it requires BPO.
So T2 can be considered from a “BPO only” stance ; while T3 can’t.

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Yes …don’t ask me where cause I’m not telling :wink: I don’t need the competition. But I believe the idea is viable

Also very sound advice

Unfortunately rn I don’t have the skills for t2 manufacturing yet, but I am working on that. Any other suggestions? Unfortunately the skills I have queued up for it are a month away, and I just kinda need to look at stuff I can do in the meantime for this.

pew pew pew.

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Hey, here’s an idea: command burst charges. Search “command burst” modules and navigate to the charges they use.


  • BP’s are profitable… at a glance.
  • Strictly T1 thing, no T2’s or faction variants even exist.
  • Will always be in demand (consumables and very pvp-related).


  • BPO’s are expensive
  • Materials and products take a lot of m3

I’ll look into that, thank you.

Did the pew pew, it’s way overrated.

so is industry :confused: