Rigs or Ammo ?!

Industrty/Production/Blueprint invention - which would be the more lucrative route?? Ammo (mining own mins) or Rigs (salvaging/exploration) ?!

Advice greatly appreciated

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Open Excel and run the numbers or use isk per hour. IPH would be the easiest if you’re just starting out.

do both

I don’t think there is a good answer for that question.

To get the right answer you must know what ore you mine at what speed and at the same time know how much you earn with mission running / salvaging.

To make it clear what i mean: Running Level 4 Missions will so outperform mining in a venture. And Mining in a Rorqual will so outperform running Level 1 Missions.

Both can make a nice amount of isk.
In my opinion the better question for your decision should be “Do i have more fun flying missions and/or exloring or do i want to sit in a asteroid belt and mine?”

But beside all that: Both arms of industry depend on what product you make and how good you are at selling. Making the wrong product can cost you isk and producing the right product can earn isk. No matter if it is Rigs or Ammo.

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