New to Industry - Query Regarding Potential Returns Per Slot

Hey There,

I’ve just recently started doing T1 Rig Production and have found that I can expect to make around 10M ISK Per Day Per Slot.

I was wondering what other industrialists would consider their minimum viable per slot per day income?

The issue being I can make far more isk doing other things, I’d like to know if this is worth perusing in the long run, if I can expect far greater returns - or if this is about the expected income.

I consider each job is an additional 100k isk/h.
And moving items cost 100 isk/m³ so each required material is added that cost (for the hauling).
Then I consider each item I sell to SO with a 10% tax (broker+tax) so that reduces a lot the impact of relisting the item (I think it’s 10 relist ?)

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Ah thats very interesting, so that works out at 24M isk a day profit over 10 slots, do you feel that is a good, or a fairly low return on investment for your time?

It’s bad. I make 1B profit average per day with average 30 slots used - and that’s just from T1.

I very rarely build rigs because the profit is actually very bad.

My hourly value is the cost of the slot, not the income. It costs me that much.

You got the problem backward. Don’t look at market prices but what is good for you, and sell accordingly. Ignore the 0.01 iskers they are spending their time on a stupid activity.

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Sorry I don’t understand, why would I make anything at all unless it was profitable to me, and how would I know if it was profitable without checking the market sell values?

Because the market is not what you will sell your items at. Other people will cut you, you will need to babysit your orders, and THAT is an actual increase in the time required to sell (so in the cost of selling). What’s more you may be cut too hard and thus sell at loss without even realizing it.

Using market values only makes sens if you ignore the cost of your own time, which is actually the most important and what you should base your evaluation on.

I agree with @Anderson_Geten that you start with your cost. I use to determine current Jita material pricing for the items I build. Steve also calculates invention and production cost. You then need to add market fees (brokerage and taxes) and a profit margin you are comfortable with.

At that point you look to see if the product can be sold profitably - is the price you calculated inside the market cycle for the product? If so you can build it, list at the calculated price and wait for the market to come to you. If current market pricing is significantly higher, you can list at market but adjusting your price is now very expensive - you don’t want to do it often!

Some T1 rigs are very profitable. For example:

I’ve been using that example for years - it still works!

Industry scales well across characters. Thus, with 3 characters on an account you have up to 33 manufacturing and 33 research slots for the cost of 1 subscription and the jobs run in the background - you don’t even need to be logged in. There is, obviously an investment in training but CCP has been offering MCT promotions several times a year that helps. The second and 3rd characters on the account can also do PI for additional income or, in my case as a T2 manufacturer I use the PI I harvest in production. Once all characters on the account are fully trained the subscription queue can be used for skill farming.

I don’t consider profit per slot - I’m rarely using them all and some of the slots I am using are for intermediate products like advanced components. If my wallet keeps getting fatter I figure I’m doing something right!


Thank you for your detailed reply, very handy :slight_smile:

@Do_Little do you do everything you do in highsec? You mentioned being a T2 manufacturer and using your PI to help with that. Are you doing PI in highsec as well? I’ve been thinking about just moving back up to highsec because I’m usually on by myself and exporting to where I currently reside is very expensive as well. Also, thank you for all of your valuable response to the questions here.

@James_Zealot Good to hear from you. Not much has changed since the last time we spoke - I expanded my business back into T2 modules as moon material prices stabilized after Lifeblood and my current strategy for the broker relations patch is to sell smaller quantities of more items in more markets.

That leaves less time for PI and I am no longer self sufficient, but PI is currently cheap and I don’t expect the price to go up significantly unless CCP gives us a reason to build more structures - or some other use for the material.

My business is 100% highsec and has been since I left Provi in 2017. It’s a comfortable rut and adapting to the ecosystem changes CCP is making keep it from getting boring!

At the time I left Nullsec, markets were fragmented and thinly traded. I found myself importing materials from Jita and sending my product back to highsec for sale - at 500 isk/m3 each way for shipping. It was crazy! The world has changed and I suspect the major blocs now have very active markets but, for now at least, I’m happy with my current game.


Great to hear from you again too. It has been a while. I appreciate all your responses and information as always.

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