What ammo is the most purchased

i would like to know which ammo is the most purchased that i could start making to get isk a jita

Jita has extremely small profit margins, unless you are a major manufacturer. You’d be better off selling ammo and drones around mission hubs. You can charge a premium because those players aren’t going to want to make 20 jumps back to Jita to get more ammo and drones.


I recommend that you make republic fleet phase plasma L and sell out of Lanngisi. Lanngisi is a level 4 SOE mission hub. And though its only 2 jumps from Hek (a trade system) you’d be surprised how well you will sell directly out if Lanngisi. I made quite a bit income in my early days doing this.

But I also had reduced expenses because I stole other peoples loot and salvage and melted that down into the raw components.


Nanite paste

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okay sure

how much is a bit

I operate at Amarr rather than Jita - the market there is good for my business, better now Jita-Amarr via Hi-sec is much longer.

If you are selling in a particular area then sell that Empire’s ammunition. So crystals in Amarr for example - the turn over is better than for, say, projectile charges.
Hybrid charges, Antimatter S particularly, is probably as near universal because it is used by gankers. But take that idea with a pinch of salt - I’ve not tested it.

Faction ammunition require LP - that’s a mission running obligation.

T1 ammunition is quite thin business - it’ll give you good RoI, but on a low absolute profit. T2 ammunition is often a good place: I know T2 crystals, all four sorts, are good business at Amarr - but T2 invention and manufacturing requires skill training and some capital investment. Slower turnover, but on a good RoI on a decent capital sum.

Consider drones, but watch the market carefully - I’ve a nasty feeling T2 drones have become a little saturated. It’s that or I’ve really backed some lemons.
Nasty feeling I got lemons.

Always remember to account for taxes and broker charges in your profitability calculations.

Feeding mission hubs is good advice.

I’ve never operated at Jita - though I did a fair bit at Hek and Rens in my early years before I out grew them. Jita is going to be aggressive with a lot of undercutting and some thin margins where if you don’t have perfect or good skills and high standings.

I make a steady income from my T2 business. Enough I can buy whatever I want to fly - I’ve modest needs but a HAC habit. But learning the ropes and finding my niche has taken time and research.


I made about 300 mil isk doing that before moving on to other ventures. It was a good start.

This is true. Currently averaging about 35billion isk per month selling in mission hubs.

amarr top 5 ammo

1)imperial navy multifrequency
3) conflag
5) imperial navy standart

one can use only 2 ammos … multy + scorch/aurora
i mean you can be super optimal with a lot of types of ammo but there is a trade to having less money on the cargo wen you go kabooommm

don’t know if it worth but i believe that making ammar ammo is a terrible business

That’s a interesting list - is it “sale volumes”?
But it makes sense. Anyone with energy turrets will carry MF, and pulse weapons are more popular than beams - basically because of Scorch and Conflag.
Standard is just a good mid-range low cap alternative.

Yes, crystals cost more, but they last thousands of shorts so should be compared to carrying a thousand rounds of other ammo.
I carry a wide spectrum of crystals for some ships (beyond the usual trinity/quad) because of wanting the intermediate ranges. My Tachyon Nightmare for example where I’ve crystals in 20km optimal windows.

My experience making and selling Amarr T2 ammunition is that it’s steady but rarely spectacular business.

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na its just my favorites

multy is the best because good damage good tracking

almost never use scorch but i understand that the damage is good for that mid+++ range like no other , tracking suck i don’t like mwd , anyway is a big favorite of OTHER people , plus GOD doesn’t like if you fly pulses and don’t have scorch

conflag tracking suck , and drain to much cap , i hate it , but after some years I’m convinced that the damage is worth it in some cases

aurora , BIG BOOM at distance , i hate it to , tracking uber suck , but is satisfying to change to aurora and finish the dude that is not expecting , better have other good traking long range option with you but fly dangerous

standart , never use , but people use a lot on youtube , must be good , its nice on scram kite i guess

gleam, i use it some times , i think its not a worthy upgrade to multy like conflag is … but upgrade is upgrade

gamma , wen your takion nightmare needs just that bit more to have 100km range

resume imperial navy multi is go to + something , usually (scorch/aurora) i don’t like to be killed with 300 ammo on my cargo

Bear in mind that there is sales tax to pay…which is 8% for noobs but can be reduced down to 4% with various skills.

And from my experience selling ammo at Dodixie, what tends to happen is people nearly all by the cheapest ammo. That means you have to undercut the guy selling 25 million units of Void S, for example…who will likely have the lowest price.

When you do undercut him, what will happen is he’ll then undercut you with another 25m units batch. So you have to hope he takes time to notice your price, but you usually get undercut pretty quickly…unless your own batch is too small for him to care about.

That was my experience with ammo.

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… Adding to this. I focused on drones for about 9 months. Learning how to make, build, and where to sell ALL drones was a great pre-curser step to organizing and purchasing of the various stock and develope a methodology to building t1 through Augmented & Integrated Drones.

Purchase and research all BPO’s, make your own BPC’s, Gather what resources you can and purchase the rest at Jita to be price competitive. (Great for learning what market prices to watch and contracts to leverage)

I made some profit. Not a ton but it’s left me with a warehouse of every type of drone I might ever need and as well as the stock required to replace any type of drone quickly.

This is coming in handy now that I’ve entered FW.

Drone production was a great way to learn the organization required to build T1 and T2 ships efficiently as well.

Conclusion: While I may not have gotten close to making the ISK I envisioned, what I learned has proven to be invaluable and see that ISK from selling hulls would also be a similar time/low reward grind.


This has been my experience in every EVE activity I have tried - a good learning experience but a so-so ISK earner - at least I can make anything I need personally and I don’t have to worry about spending ISK any more…

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And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this!

Being self sufficient can be such a cost savings.


If you step into wormholes, accept the fact that it’s WAY WAY LESS problematic than low or null, then you will see how to make ISK on drones and ammo.

We are down to just 22k players EU Primetime now on a Saturday night.

W-Space is So UTTERLY quiet these days that you can literally get away with… Well, anything that takes your fancy.

Scourge Missiles of all types, Antimatter hybrid ammo, gamma and multifrequency crystals, plasma autocannon charges, baryon and meson exotic charges (except trig ammo all faction ofc)

me who didn’t read this and chose to mas produce antimatter ammo