Ammo questions, what's hot/not?

Completely new to Eve as of 2019. I’m going full Carebear, and I was wondering the most used ammo types, or a place I might look it up that kept up to date?


This depends on various factors:

  • What type of rats are you shooting (specifically, what are they weak to) ?
  • What type of weapons type (missiles, hybrids, projectiles, lasers) do you use?
  • What range do you like to engage from? (do you kite or brawl?)

No, I meant to produce and sell. What’s the greater community buying?

Then you probably want to go to major trade hubs and check those market graphs for various ammo types and materials/minerals. And then you’ll have to spend time and resources researching ME/TE on blueprints. Even at max research it is possible that you wont get any profit because margin on hot cakes like “popular ammo types” is already very low when you account for various expenses, taxes and fees.

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Heavy Assault Missiles. Hands down. Don’t have to worry about which rat type because they come in all damage flavors, don’t have to worry about capacitor use, thus cutting into your tank or mobility, and have better application then turrets. They also come in flavors of different ranges and precision. Their only drawback is that they’re a bit more skill intensive as missiles have 1 or 2 extra support skills, but end up with much better fittings.

Then Cruise missles, then light missiles.

After missiles its drones, especially medium and heavy, light and sentry are not so useful except in some situations. Drones are not really ammo, but more like ammo + weapon platform in one and are also more skill intensive then turrets. Also come in different damage flavors, different precision and flight time flavors etc.

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I’d say Light missies have the lead wit the advent of Rapid launchers.

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For general PvE ? Nah. How are you gonna do a full clear L4 with lights ? You can only do the lowbie DED sites, lowbie missions and if you get all skills up to 5 then frigate burners. What about the rest of the stuff ? Best all around is HAMs. Followed by cruise, but cruise and BSes are clunky and slow, only good for big full clears, inefficient time wise in overall average. Whereas in HAM T3Cs or even assault cruisers (like a Sac) you can do almost all, + you can do Abyss in a Sac all the way up to tier 5.

This will depend on where you are selling and who your target market is.

If you are selling in Jita, just about anything will sell as long as you -0.01 ISK the competition. Question in this case is not what sells the most, you will not be able to fill demand by yourself, but on what your profit margin is. With ammo this will be very small, if you’re not making a loss.

If you are selling in some local mission hub in high sec, missile (all varieties) are probably your best bet, as mission runners like those due to changeable damage type and range.

If you are part of a null sec alliance and are selling to the local ratters, you want to sell ammo that’s targetted at the local rat’s weaknesses. So, for example, in Sansha space you would sell laser crystals, mjolnir missiles, and EMP projectile ammo.

Greetings, i do produce some ammo / missiles as well, if you need help on industry, I would be glad to help, just send me an ingame mail.

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