A question about projectile ammo

For that last 18 days, I have been able to play with projectile turrets and I have ask, what types of ammo is good to have with you?

My armor fits don’t allow any other ammo types than the usual suspect, aka hail and barrage or quake and tremor, emp, fusion and phased plasma.

Some of my other fits allow all 10 ammo types and man those take a lot of room.

Do you guys think it will be less beneficial to have all 10 ammo types because you switch ammo more often or is it better to take all 10 ammo types and see what situations you find yourself in?

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EMP, Phase Plasma, Fusion for close range DPS in your guts.
Depleted Uranium for diverse damage, midrange, good tracking. I don’t like Titanium Sabot because it only has 2 damage types.
Proton for long range. The other long range ammo not for the same reason as TitSabot. You can even ignore this ammo on T2 weapons because Tremor/Barrage offer more DPS and the tracking penalty is hardly an issue at those ranges.

Quake/Hail and Tremor/Barrage for T2 weapons.


Copy that and thank you for the advise!

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Firstly the ubiquitous link to Eve University: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Projectile_ammunition
If you are mission running then there’s a really good table near the bottom. In general, there’s no need to carry examples of every type of ammunition. Pick a few to give you a choice of range and a bit of damage flexibility.

The strength of Projectile weapons is the range of damage type, the downside is the time it takes to reload and the sheer complexity of the ammunition types. I’m normally flying Amarrian ships, so use energy turrets. The damage type is rather restricted, but I can flip crystals almost instantly. Even then I don’t take a full set of all crystal types, but a reasonable sub-set.

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For PvP,

I’d carry EMP to shoot at shield tanks.
Fusion to shoot at armor tanks.

Barrage to shoot at stuff I can’t catch.

That is all.

(Shields are naturally low resist to EMP, armor is naturally low resist to explosive (fusion ammo), barrage shoots far enough with enough dps in middle resists to be a good plan-b if you tackle something that punches harder at your planned range than you do.)

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In addition to that. Minmatar Tech2 ships are the only ships with high EM shield resistances. Keep that in mind.

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Good point. Yeah, shoot anything but EMP at those.

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Except the vargur lol.

Well I only checked the ships I wanted to fly. :wink:


So in your pvp experience it is good to read 6000 web pages of EVE UNI to be very well informed about things while you ship is being shot down and you read stuff…

And thank you so much for reading my question before responding.

Then I wouldn’t post in the PVP section of the forums, would I?

If I would plan to run missions in the future, which I don’t, I would ask in the PVE section what ammo types to use but I do not need to ask those things after 13 years of EVE Online.

Just so everyone knows, I have been here for a very long time and for the last 4 years, I am heavily investigating ships, modules and ship fittings on the test server.

I do extensive research of everything pvp (only pvp) related fits and look for things that can be improved or need some love.

I made a list of all logi remote repair ships with and without links with one character which not many appreciated.

Anyhow, I made about 750 fits which I am updating and maintaining, all pvp fits in all kinds of combinations, mostly solo pvp fits since I was by myself most of my EVE time but lately even small gang or fleet fits.

You can be sure that I put all the projectile ammo types into a file which I look at when I am about to try out my latest iteration of a projectile boat.

That is always a good thing. Keep doing that and also keep an eye on the second layer of “tank” for minmatar ships, since the second layer may reveal an explosive revelation.

Faction Phased Plasma and Faction Depleted Uranium. On medium ACs, depleted uranium annihilates frigates. People scramble to fill the EM hole on their hulls so thermal is often the best general use ammo. Never use hail unless your boat is fitted to the teeth with tracking bonuses or if you’re fighting slow/larger targets.

If you’re using arties instead then the only ammo I’d carry is faction EMP and Quake, also don’t be afraid to buy some Domination ammo since arties fire so slow you won’t be burning isk for some epic alpha.


Phased plasma for me.

Gets those hulks and mackinaws literally melting.

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Thank you guys! And copy, no hail! So rf-phased plasma it is.

sounds like you don’t need advise but want someone to tell you that you are doing it right…

with your bragged about experience you should already know about what ammo types to take and expected target selection instead you rant about someone who has posted a link to some background info on what the ammo types do even though you yourself claim to do so much reading upon the subject…



For me I carry enough of the RF short range variants for a few engagements (assuming I’ll lose the ship after a few at best), a bit of the medium range tracking bonus ammos and a few reloads of the long/short range T2 ammo depending on if I’m AC or arty fit. Not rocket science to be fair…

Hence I said in my first very post “the usual suspects like fusion, emp, phased plasma…”

I did not read anything, I wrote the information down in an empty text file to look at.

I was following the discussion about autocannons before I ever fired one myself. The discussion was going on about “useless ammo types” so it sparked my undying curiosity.

So I asked into the cloud if its viable to take those types with you or not.

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