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I am not used to flying projectile ships. I have RF EMP, Fusion, Phased Plasma and Barrage ammo. As a general rule what ammo should I be using against what kidns of opponents

People usually have Phased Plasma loaded by default- thermal damage is a safe bet for either armor or shield tank, and is less likely to be plugged. However, this is mitigated by the fact that T2 ships get high thermal resists except for Amarr. It’s the high damage, short range, base tracking non-T2 ammo.

EMP and Fusion are good for T1 shield and armor tank ships respectively, and once you are confident that your opponent has an EM or explosive resistance hole, you stand to deal optimal damage by loading them. If you realize this mid-fight, the 10 second reload time should be considered. In long drawn-out fights, it’s better to switch, in short frigate brawls it is often not worth it. Both ammo mirror Phased Plasma for range, tracking and damage.

Barrage is sort of an emergency situation ammo, it lets you deal better damage beyond scram range and even point range in cruisers, especially Stabber. It could either be against a kiting opponent staying out of your range, or against a stronger brawler that you need to outrange yourself. Barrage is locked to explosive damage and has a tracking penalty in exchange for the extra falloff range.

You didn’t mention it, but Hail is the T2 high damage autocannon ammo. It is used when hitting above your class (frigate to destroyer, cruiser to battleship etc.) and when you have sufficient ability to control (webs, scrambler, prop mod etc.) to apply damage. However, it’s somewhat crippled by explosive damage lock, and in many cases it may just outright be better to use EMP or Phased Plasma still. Hail gets both tracking and range penalty.

Aside mentioned, Titanium Sabot is notable for being primarily kinetic damage (-damage, +tracking, +range compared to EMP/Plasma/Fusion trinity) and Depleted Uranium has a balanced damage profile while mirroring TS for stats. Autocannon users often get away with neglecting them, but they still have the potential to be useful in such platforms.



I will disagree since I’ve experimented, Phased Plasma isn’t the best for PVP exactly since people tank the eff out of thermal and EM.

Trust me, projectile weapons are vastly more effective than Amarrian lasers, and can be more practical in nullsec due to the fact Amarr ships are sort of low tier.

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Generally all weapons do the same damage to all enemies, but for precision gameplay you will want to have a look at this chart and just buy the ammo for whatever rat you’re focusing on or what kind of target you might want to engage (pvp).


@Giddy_McFee google is your best friend, as a rule of thumb, and because Eve online requires a vast amount of information intake - start now, by googling for answers first. If no solution found, ask from in-game Help Channel, and last ask on forums. Up to you. Fly safe.

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