NPC Damage Types

For PvE the general ‘Rule of Thumb’ is to shoot into the weakest resists of the rat type you are fighting but you must remember the tiered damage when using Projectile Ammo.

For example lets look at the Guristas Faction below. Their lowest resist is to Kinetic damage, so you would assume Titanium Sabot is the best ammo to kill them but when you factor in the higher base damage of Phased Plasma into the equation it makes up for the slightly worse resist profile to Thermal.

Faction Damage to deal Damage to resist Electronic Warfare Used Electronic Warfare Countermeasure
Angel Cartel Explosive / Kinetic Explosive (62%) / Kinetic (22%) Target Painters
Blood Raiders EM / Thermal EM (50%) / Thermal (48%) NOS/Neut, Tracking Disruptor
Equilibrium of Mankind Kinetic Kinetic (74%) / Thermal (26%)
Guristas Kinetic / Thermal Kinetic (79%) / Thermal (18%) ECM ECCM
Mercenaries Kinetic / Thermal Kinetic / Thermal
Mordu’s Legion Kinetic / EM Kinetic (70%) / Thermal (30%)
Rogue Drones EM/Thermal [1] (varies) [1]
Sansha’s Nation EM / Thermal EM (53%) / Thermal (47%) Tracking Disruptor Tracking Computers with or without scripts
Serpentis Kinetic / Thermal Thermal (55%) / Kinetic (45%) Sensor Dampener Sensor Booster + Targeting range script

Faction Best Projectile Ammo Best Missile Type Light Drone Medium Drone Heavy Drone Sentry Drone Light Fighter
Angel Cartel Fusion Nova Warrior Valkyrie Berserker Bouncer Einherji
Blood Raiders EMP Mjolnir Acolyte Infiltrator Praetor Curator Templar
Equilibrium of Mankind Phased Plasma Scourge Hornet Vespa Wasp Warden Dragonfly
Guristas Phased Plasma Scourge Hornet Vespa Wasp Warden Dragonfly
Mercenaries Phased Plasma Inferno Hobgoblin Hammehead Ogre Garde Firbog
Mordu’s Legion Phased Plasma Scourge Hornet Vespa Wasp Warden Dragonfly
Rogue Drones EMP Mjolnir Acolyte Infiltrator Praetor Curator Templar
Sansha’s Nation EMP Mjolnir Acolyte Infiltrator Praetor Curator Templar
Serpentis Phased Plasma Scourge Hornet Vespa Wasp Warden Dragonfly

[1] Rogue Drones vary with the damage type they deal and are vulnerable to. Low-level missions seem to lean towards EM/Thermal while high-level missions lean towards Explosive/Kinetic. As a general guideline you would not go overly wrong shooting EM and tanking Explosive against them.

More reference:
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Nice guide for Projectile ammo, any chance of including T2 ammo in that list?

@DeMichael_Crimson I’ve never actually thought about using T2 ammo for PvE stuff, ratting or missions, always felt like the T1 ammo was more than sufficient.

It’s likely already been done by someone but I would want to have a good look at whether using the T2 is more efficient than the T1 in regards to completion time, cost of ammo used, etc…

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I m 101% sure that serpentis needs thermal/kinetic 62%/38%, so the drones should be thermal (Hobgoblin, Hammerhead, Ogre) and the missiles inferno.

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Its worth mentioning that there are a few ships that have resistances like real ships(EM<Ther<Kin<Exp for shield and EM>Ther>Kin>Exp for armor) and do not follow faction’s resistance rules for example Elite Drone Parasite and mercenaries.

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@Shriven_Intaki It may be worth noting that there is a difference between Sansha Rats, and their Incursion Counterparts. Those NPCs have omni damage and omni resist profiles, plus every ewar under the sun.

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You’d be almost entirely wrong. See for instance:

Where you’re right is on the 4/10 overseer, who does indeed tank kinetic about twice as hard as thermal.

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@Shriven_Intaki There is any way to get printable version? Or simple, must convert it on my own?

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@MacGregor_Orlenard I would just use this one by AeonOfTime -


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