Crystals for Dual Light Beam Laser I? (SOLVED)

Hi, i’m new on this game and i’ve got a new ship with three Dual Light Beam Laser I and the ammo is “crystals”. When i go to the market and i search “crystal” in ammo, are there a lot of different crystals, What should i buy?
There’s an screenshot:

Crystals vary from long range with low damage to close range with high damage.
Depending on the ship you are flying and what you are wanting to do will change what crystals you wat to use at any given time.
I would recommend getting a set of multifrequency S and radio s
You can change them out quickly and they take up almost no cargo space so have two sets won’t be that bad.

Thanks for answer, Where can i find them?
That are the crystals i see:

So laser frequency crystals don’t actually have the word crystal in there name.
If you search for multifrequency or radio you will get them.
Alternatively you can clear your search and expand the ammunition and charges tab of the market and there is a section for frequency crystals, next should be standard crystals, in that there is small, medium and large crystals.

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Ok, i found it, thanks, but it say me, Warning: 14 jumps, What that mean?

That meant you are trying to by it from a station that is not the one you are currently at, when you see all the prices for the item the first column is the distance from where you are to where the item is, if you click that one it will sort from that column and you can find the ones closest to you.

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There is also a “Used with” tab in the Show Info window for the weapon which lists all the ammunition that can be used with the weapon/module. You can just right click the entries there and click “View Market Details”.


So if i buy that i have to go to the station to pick em up?

That is correct, as a general rule you won’t get a warning when purchasing something unless it’s in an inaccessible area or takes you into or through low or null sec.

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Ok. I have three guns on my ship, What ammo should i put in each gun?

Keep them all the same ammo, you can group the weapons so when you fire them or change ammo they do so together.

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I buyed 20 of each ammo, should i have some in my ship storage? How many aprox?

You won’t go through them very quickly, so keeping a long range set and a high damage set with you would be best, maybe a backup of both of those with you also.
So you have 3 turrets you will want to load a set into your turrets and keep 3 more of that type in your ships cargo hold, and 6 of another type in your cargo hold so you can change them out of your need to.

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Oï, and welcome to the game, dear friends !
First of all, congratulations in acquiring a frigate class ship able to mount more powerful weapons than your basic Corvette. You just discovered one of your main weapon system of your race. Here, I see you are in an Amarr station, so I will assume you are an amarr character. That nation are good users in a turret weapon system : the energy turret, which always deal ElectroMagnetic (from here, EM) and Thermal Damage, consume Capacitor for each shot, and can switch instantly between the ammo : the crystal.

First of all, the weapons in EVE Online follow a simple line : the longer the range, the lower the damage, and it work in the other way. Energy Turrets (often called “lasers”, because it’s what’s they are) come into two “categories” : Beam, which have long range and low DPS, and Pulse, which have short range and high DPS.

Second of all : as you saw, the ammo for that weapon system is the Frequency Crystal, which come in eight kinds for T1 crystals, each having flaws and forces. They come in four sizes : Small (for frigate and destroyer weapons), Medium (for cruiser and battlecruiser weapons), Large (for battleships weapons) and X-Large (for capital class weapons). You cannot use the wrong sized ammo. The total damage you will see here is for small weapon. The number is two times greater for medium, four times greater for large and eight times greater for capital. Here they are :

Multifrequency : -50% to your optimal range (the distance in which your turret will do the maximum of it’s damage potential), give no bonus to capacitor consumed per shot, but have the highest base damage for the shortest range. 12 total damage.

Gamma : -37.5% to optimal range, -15% to cap use per shot (read : using this ammo cost fifteen percent less capacitor when you open fire). 11 total damage.

X-Ray : -25% to optimal range, -25% cap use per shot. 10 total damage.

Ultraviolet : -12.25% to optimal range, -35% cap use per shot. 9 total damage.

Standard : No modification to optimal range, -45% cap use per shot. 8 total damage.

Infrared : +20% to optimal range, -35% cap use per shot. 7 total damage.

Microwave : +40% to optimal range, -25% cap use per shot. 6 total damage. Can also cook your steak.

Radio : +60% to optimal range, -15% cap use per shot. 5 total damage.

Something I didn’t mentionned before : Tech 1 crystal does not decay. Technically, you can just buy one crystal, and use it till you leave the game (as long as it is not destroyed in battle, nor do you switch weapon size). All those crystals have an “Imperial” version, which do slightly more damage, but cost more and decay (they have a limited number of shots before they are destroyed). If I remember well, it’s 8000 shots per Imperial Crystal.

When you’ll have enough skills, you will be able to use T2 energy turrets, which does more basic damage, but have access to the advanced crystals. They come by two for each energy turret type (two for Pulse, two for Beam). They are :

T2 Pulse Laser Crystal :

Scorch : +40% to optimal range, -75% to weapon tracking (Weapon tracking is how fast your turrets can turn. If it’s to low, they will have trouble to hit fast and small targets, like frigates). No cap bonus. Total damage 11. Basically, Scorch crystals allows Pulse lasers to play like beam lasers.

Conflagration : -75% to optimal range, -30% to weapon tracking, +25% to cap use. Conflagration is generally less used than the Imperial Multifrequency, because the drawbacks are generally not enough to justify the 15 total damage. It transform your pulse lasers in shotguns which can’t it small weapons.

T2 Beam Laser Crystal :

Aurora : +80% to optimal range, -75% to weapon tracking, 8 total damage. Good when you really want to snipe at extreme range for your ship size, but with low damage.

Gleam : -75% to optimal range, +25% to weapon tracking, 14 total damage. Basically it allow your beam laser to play like a pulse one.

Here, it’s quite long and I saw the others already answered, but with that you’ll have your basics in energy turret ^^

If you want to learn more, use this : Eve Univeristy : Turrets. Basically, EVE Uni is a good site where you can learn a lot on the game, even if some informations are outdated. The link I gave you will also inform you on the others weapons systems, so it’s good reading :slight_smile:

Fly safe !
Sasha Viderzei


Thanks, but one stupid question How can i divide the stock?

As you drag them to your cargo hold, hold the shift key.

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Thanks for all

No problem

Firstly, welcome to the Empire.

It is worth doing the Security Agent missions in the system you started in, they are hugely informative. And you get a free ship and a few odds and ends.

Energy Turrets use a frequency crystal to focus and tune their output. They don’t get consumed in the same way and normal gun-type ammunition does. So you only need enough to fit one into each turret.

These are laser weapons - they consume energy from their capacitor to do damage.
Watch your capacitor - it does regenerate, but you’ll have a lot of demand on it: weapons, propulsion (afterburners and - especially - microwarp drives) and armour repairers.

The advantage they have is the speed you can change crystals in flight (right-click on the turret when it is not firing). This enables to change to adapt to differing ranges. In general, short optimal high damage, long optimal, low damage.
Watch your falloff distances. For energy turrets you want to be looking at fighting at optimal range - beyond that damage falls away too rapidly. If you are well into optimal then change to a shorter range crystal with a bigger punch.

A good set to take are:
Multifrequency - short range with high damage.
Radio - long range with low damage.
Standard - medium range with medium damage but thr lowest capacitor usage.
Sometimes adding Microwave is useful as it fills the gap between Radio and Standard well.

There’s a lot to learn - that complexity is a reason Eve is enjoyable and has a reputation for difficulty.

You will find the University a useful site:

If you find yourself around Amarr give me a shout and I’ll run out on a few missions with you.


Thank you all very much for help, i’ll do all your tips :stuck_out_tongue:

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