Bug loading ammo/crystals?

This is the 3rd time it will not let me load frequency crystals for my beam turrets. The crystals were on there all day today and I took them off to change Radio S over to Standard S. Now going back to Radio it won’t load them…

This has happened a couple times before this to me. Then, ten minutes later i try again and they load.

What error message says? How you load them? R-click on guns in space? Fitting window? Dragging from inventory?

No message, just that blip sound when you fit something except it jumps right back into my cargo hold instead of staying in place at my turrets.

I logged in this morning to do some mining and jumped back in my coercer and they attached to the turrets. I swear I did nothing different, but this time it worked. My guess is lag… but who knows.

Don’t buy those cheap discount ammo at Jita and especially not the firesale or hangar cleanout one. :wink:

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