Loading Ammo

Hello, I am trying to load Iron Charge into my Light Electron Blasters. How do I put it in, (This is from the tutorial, so I am sure it’s the right ammo).

While docked, if you open the fitting window and your inventory, you can click and drag it on your guns.

While in space, right click your guns, and select the ammo you want to reload with.

I tried that, It won’t load.

Clarification: While in space with the ammo in your ship’s cargo bay

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Oh wait, Thank you so much it works now.

Sometimes the fitting window is weird and doesn’t refresh. Try grouping the weapons, dropping the charge on them, and ungrouping again - it should then show all modules that were grouped as loaded.

To add to this.

As long as you have spare ammo in your cargo. Your guns will auto reload ammo once empty

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Provided you haven’t accidentally switched ‘Auto-reload’ off for that weapon (guess how I know… :blush:)

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