How to equip ammo?

Hi there, Noob question. How do you equip armor and ammo into your ship? I have 1M isk

  1. Buy the correct ammo for the guns you are using
  2. Drag the ammo from your hangar onto the guns in your ship fitting window
  3. Drag some of the ammo to your cargohold too so you can reload and shoot more
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Running the tutorial will answer those questions.

Armor modules: via the fitting window (alt F). Drag the modules from your item hangar onto the (low) slots in the fitting window
Ammo: same action, but drop onto the weapons or onto the ship in the fitting window. Put the rest in your ship’s cargo bay

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if you end up in space, with no ammo in your guns, but ammo in your cargo, right clicking your runs should give you the option to fill them with the ammo you have.

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i am in a corvette and i did the tutorial, i just dont know what weapons to use for it…

The civilian guns don’t take ammo. They are a bit of an exception and just shoot.

The corvette will come equipped with an appropriate civilian gun. However, you probably should now go do the career agents. Press F12 or use the Agency to find the nearest one and go the career missions. You will get better ships than the corvette and learn more about the game.


where do you buy the ammo from for hybrid turrets?

The civilian hybrid turrets don’t take ammo.

Regular hybrid turrets use ammo you buy on the market. You can look at the info of the weapon to see what ammo it takes. Then right-click on the ammo - say ‘Antimatter S’ and show the Market Details. That will show you where the closest/cheapest ammo can be bought.

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You go to trade hubs to buy ammo on the market, the major trade hubs are Jita in Caldari space (the biggest one in EVE), Amarr in Amarrian space, Dodixie in Gallente space, and Hek/Rens in Minmatar space.

Open up the map, and search for the names of these systems, then right click the system and select “set destination”, the autopilot will plot a route for you.

Close the map, and check your route (it will be a bunch of colourful rectangles on the middle-top left), if you see orange or red rectangles, click the “A” next to the route, and select “prefer safer”.

To see what ammo your weapon needs, click the “i” icon for your weapon (or right click > “show info”), go to the “used with” tab, and it will show you.

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Rookie ships don’t require ammo just undock and target something and once within range press f1.

My first target (out of training) was a billboard.

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