Ingame "Simulate Fitting" No Ammo?

Cool and handy feature, but i guess i’m apparently missing something.

As a new player I made a few fits with all the rest of the gear, but i was trying to find ammo for laser turrets to add to get some DPS feedback but nothing comes up in the hardware browser - neither manually nor typing things like laser, ammo, crystal, individual crystal names etc in the search box.

I’m guessing there’s a reason either ammo is unavailable or it’s added a different (and somewhat convoluted, after alot of searching) way, either way what are you meant to do for it for ammo?

Under the hardware tab. Under the search box. Under the modules you have fitted, there are 2 buttons. Modules | Charges. Click charges.

I am not real.


You can also get information on a module that uses charges, click the ‘used with’ tab, and bring up information on the charge you would like to use. Then you can drag the icon for the charge from the info panel to the gun in the simulator you want to load.


When in charges tab, click on the weapon icon there, that shows your currently fitted weapon. It will automaticaly filter those ammos that fit.

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