Any Workaround to Re-Arm a Ship fit with Abyssal Modules?

Hello everyone!

So, I used to refill my ammo by using the “saved loadout” method; “Fit Ship” would refill my cargohold with however much ammo I had saved on the loadout. However, this doesn’t work if I have any Abyssal modules fit, because Abyssal modules don’t get saved, so even though the ammo gets refilled, all of the modules get removed. Is anyone aware of any sort of workaround, or a better way to re-fill on ammo? Right now I am manually removing my leftover ammo, searching for the ammo types I need, and loading them in individually in the correct amounts. It’s not a huge pain each individual time, but I have to do it so much that it really adds up to being quite tedious.


None that I know of, but god damn this would be convenient.

About the only real workaround I can think of is bring all the ammo. Literally just drag and drop the stack. It’s about as satisfying an answer as having sex with a garburator because you like the vibrations, but that’s about the best I personally can think of.

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